Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2021

More Women in the News

As if we needed more examples of barriers to be faced, two groups of women are in the news recently, both standing up to the tyranny of male-dominated societies that want to return to the dark ages of history. Most of humanity has moved on, in fits and starts, toward more protections and rights for women. In only a few places in the world are patrichaical governments working purposefully to push the clock back and cancel the rights that women have worked so hard to gain in the last two generations. These last few years have been a difficult reminder that the gains women have made since the great awakening in the 1970's, in which the OWA played its small part, should never be taken for granted.

Kabul 9/3/21Austin 9/1/21

Afghan Women in Architecture

With the beginning of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and Afghan women protesting the threat to the opportunities that they have pursued in the last two decades, we would like to note one inspiring example of the results of that opportunity in the field of architecture, in this article from 2017: 8/16/17: Reconstruction in Afghanistan: The strong women of Darul Aman
Architecture, Abortion and Texas

This 2020 article, in the AIA magazine "Architect", takes a deep dive into the intersection of Architecture, Abortion and Texas:

Architect 4/13/20: Architecture, TRAP Laws, and the Battle Over Abortion

    "Being an architect and a woman and having a daughter, it was important to me to help protect the rights that we had won with Roe. Those rights are being eroded on a daily basis, and one way was through violence. I was interested in ways of addressing that issue and providing people with better places to receive health care. And I still feel that way because it’s only gotten worse.”
    -- SF Architect Anne Fugeron