Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2022

Editor's Note

by Mui Ho

We are always searching for interesting topics or speakers for our annual retreat. When Rachel mentioned about talking to Alicia Rosenthal whose topic suggestion was 'inspiration', it really hit a cord in me. The last couple years, we have been focusing on housing issues, a very urgent topic. Now we can switch gears to talk about something more conceptual.

I am sure we all have experiences or stories on being inspired. I am always inspired by beautiful architecture and unusual designs. Recently with so much turmoil in the world , I get particularly inspired by what I read related to deeds of bravery, kindness and helpfulness. Inspiration does not necessary relate directly to design or to architecture but it affects our working life and helps us to move forward in spite of all the humdrum parts of our profession. Of course, when I hear a very good talk from an architect, I get totally fired up. I would like to continue this theme for the next newsletter as well. Hopefully we can get more little essays from our members.

Reading about the women and children fleeing from the war in Ukraine being housed by families and organizations in Poland and other countries restored my faith that such kindness to strangers still exists. It is the silver lining in the terrible truth that peaceful settled lives can be taken way in a flash by unforeseen events. This recent war has many of us thinking about ways of helping -- how to make the world less unstable, better and fairer. More inspiring stories are needed to help us cope.

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