Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2022

A visit to Porcelanosa

Visit Porcelanosa

by Suzan Swarbacker

On May 26th the OWADP was hosted, in person, by Porcelanosa in San Francisco.  Jiane Du arranged for us to meet Maria Giuliani, the area manager for Porcelanosa. She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and interested in the OWADP.

The wonderful showroom was filled with lovely examples of Porcelanosa's porcelain material, plumbing accessories, and edging options,  Even better, the Reps covering the various areas of the Bay Area were there to answer any and all questions.  We learned that as of May 26 there were 62 fully loaded containers stuck in the Oakland port awaiting off-loading!  This means that companies like Porcelanosa are now using Houston's port and freighting material across the Western U.S. to save time. The lead times have dropped from 16 weeks to 10 weeks, still a long time by our standards.  We designers have gotten used to quick-ship products.  It is humbling.
Porcelanosa catered a lovely meal while we learned that Porcelanosa carries large tiles, slabs, and even LVT.  The slabs are cheaper than Corian.  A surprise to most of us. 

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