Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2022

Editor's Note

by Mui Ho

Photo by Janet Crane

As usual, the retreat this year was a great success. Our yearly retreat is one of the most popular activities for our membership because it allows non Bay Area members spend quality time with old friends in a beautiful setting. It is definitely a weekend to relax and to catch up with each other. We are fortunate to have Rachel Slonicki who worked incessantly with Westerbeke keeping up good relations during the Covid years to have priority to reserve the weekend we requested. Westerbeke has grown and evolved along with changes in our membership.

We had tried different places in the past like Sea Ranch. But most members found Westerbeke matched our needs best. We love the landscape, the ambience of the place, the food and the proximity from the Bay Area.

Reflecting on the changes to our organization through the years, we have evolved and been flexible enough to allows changes to meet the interests and expectations of our members. I would love to have some member insights from the retreat to be put into our next newsletter to share with the rest of the membership.

Our next newsletter will focus on the 50th Anniversary to give our members a head's up on the activities scheduled into our 2023 calendar.

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