Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2022

Retreat Art Project

by Betty Woo

Ann Wright led the art project for our annual OWA+DP Westerbeke retreat in September. An avid quilter, Ann has amassed an impressive collection of beautiful and unique quilting fabrics from which she and her committee produced small, ready- to-hang quilt pieces. Attendees selected from a variety of styles ranging from traditional American or Asian styles to holiday themes and wildly abstract or celestial designs. Theses prepared quilts served as a jumping off point or base for each artist’s creativity.

Alerted to the possibilities of the project, some attendees brought all sorts of bricabrac, buttons, beads and lace, etc. to add to the trove of fabric scraps, bedazzle, paint, embroidery thread, tools and materials supplied by the art project committee.
As usual, attendees used their unbounded imaginations to produce ingenious and unexpected creations. The atmosphere was of controlled mayhem as attendees, happily plucked through the piles using glue, scissors, paint, needles and thread to decorate their quilts. Some participants even used their quilt squares as raw materials for creating other items such as a pouch or purse.

The art project was another one of those that gave us a chance to let our imaginations run free, with no rules, except to have fun and simply enjoy!

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