Newsletter | Oct/Dec 2023

Saturday Night Music and Dance

by Debbie Kline
The group is Duo Gadjo plus a cellist Susanne Porte that evening. Isabel the singer is French. Her husband Jeff Magidson is American. They met in France and are based in Martinez. They specialize in Django Reinhardt style gypsy jazz and old French standards made famous by Trenet, Piaf and others. With the class before the dance using the group's songs to learn foxtrot, lindy hop , jitterbug and Charleston, we had some moves to work with and lively beats to inspire us.

I've been following the group for around a year and learning the songs since the start of the pandemic an open class in French Cafe Sonas through the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. Other members in OWA have also been listening to them and love their music.

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