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Health Plans

The OWA has been pleased to offer medical insurance to its members (women and men) for over 25 years. Our plans are available to women and men, individuals and firms, in architecture and other design fields. The plans allow individuals access to a group coverage which can offer significant advantages over an individual plan.

We are currently in the process of providing more up to date information on specific rates. In the meantime, please contact our plan administer Anne Jakiemiec of Northgate Benefits. For an estimate of rates based on age, click here.

Currently, we offer our members the choice between two health plans with Health Net of California. The HMO 30 plan offers benefits for those who like to access their medical needs through a medical group. The HSA 4500 Value (approved by the IRS as a high deductible PPO health plan) allows a more affordable PPO for members who want to be in more direct control of their health care expenses as well as to take advantage of the tax savings in a Health Savings Account.

Health Net of California has:
  • a network of nearly 49,000 contracted physicians
  • 570 physician group locations and 4,400 pharmacies
  • a solid base of 2.5 million members A.M. Best Rating of A- (Excellent)

To see if your providers are in a network with Health Net, please check with your doctor or visit the Health Net Website. The OWA insurance is treated by Health Net the same as any employer group plan.

Our contract with Health Net renews every May 1 when the rates and benefits are subject to change. New OWA members can join the health plan at any time, effective the first of the month following their membership in the OWA. Current OWA members in good standing who are not currently enrolled may join the health plan at open enrollment effective every May 1. Members may also join outside of open enrollment during the year if they can provide a HIPAA Certificate showing loss of other group coverage within 31 days of the loss of that other coverage.

The HMO plan allows individuals to join a group plan regardless of pre-existing conditions. The PPO plan, like all PPO plans, has a 6 month pre-existing condition clause i.e. the plan would not cover pre-existing conditions until 6 months after a member joins. Health Net will give members credit for time enrolled in previous creditable coverage so long as there has not been a lapse in coverage for more than 63 days.

If an individual joins the plan as a member of a firm, and then leaves the firm, he or she can continue the insurance as an individual at the same rate, as long as they maintain the premium payments.

Firms can enroll some members in one plan and some in the other if they wish.

Each participant must maintain a regular yearly membership in the OWA in addition to plan payments.

Some of our members have been with the plan for 25 years since it was started and the feedback on the coverage is very positive.

2013-14 HMO Plan

The first is a traditional HMO where health care costs are more easily anticipated using the no deductible and flat dollar copay system.

2013-14 Deductible Plan

The less expensive HSA plan is a high deductible policy where members must first meet an annual deductible per individual or per family before the copay structure initiates.

    HSA Plan Summary

2013-14 Health Plan Rates
2013-14 Enrollment Form For Health Net Policies

For more information regarding our medical insurance options, please contact Anne Jakiemiec with our plan administrator, Northgate Benefits.

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