Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2011

OWA Pods
by Gabriela Chamu

owa visioning retreat

At the OWA Visioning Retreat on May 7th Rene Yung led OWA members in the creation of activity groups, or "energy pods", to implement member projects in the coming year. Each pod has a group leader and a goal. We would like to encourage OWA members to sign up with one of the pod leaders below and help bring their effort and talents to these interesting and worthy projects.

40th Anniversary Committee led by Gilda Puente-Peters

OWA Book Circle led by Wendy Bertrand
Our activities have been reported on the OWA newsletters and forum during 2011.
We are currently reading Women and the Making of the Modern House* by Alice. T. Friedman. More information is here.

Next meeting: November 10, 2011.

Included members:
Inge Horton
Leon Setti
Jamie Brown
Tammy Lin
Rachel Slonicki
Hourig Ayanyan
Shannon Devine

Back ups:
Merle Easton
Spring Friedlander
Pamela Wadsworth Goode

*This is the third book, and copies are available for any OWA member to borrow until we send them to design schools at the end of the year.
Any questions may be emailed to Wendy Bertrand .

Business Developmet led by Shannon Devine

Eco-Village led by Spring Friedlander

Mentoring Program led by Karlene Gullone

Public Service led by Cameron White and Rachel Slonicki

Media led by Leslie Golden

Pod leaders: Please remember to submit your Pod names along with a list of members (if available) to in order to update our members about current POD circulation and activities.

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