Celebrating our 50th Anniversary
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Jan 19


Quito, Ecuador

50th Anniversary Ecuador Trip



We have planned an exciting 50th. Anniversary trip to Ecuador, a country of many cultures and ecosystems.

In this trip, we will travel through the Andean highlands, the colonial center of Quito which is the largest and most in-tact Spanish colonial city center in Latin America.

We will visit the indigenous marketplaces of Otavalo and will then travel the same route the conquistadors took down to the Amazon rainforest and learn how local people live in and from the land.

We will go to the Papallacta hot springs on our way to the rainforest.

We will visit BaƱos, Ambato and through a scenic ride through the Andes we will visit Cotopaxi, the largest active volcano on earth and then back to Quito.

Click here to review the Ecuador Trip Itinerary.

Trip Dates: January 19th-27th, 2024

Total Cost Per Person: $2900

Deposit of $500 is due 7/1/2023.

Remaining balances are due by 8/1/23.

Early Bird Specials
- If deposit of $500 is received by 6/8/23, a discount of $200 will be applied and total cost will be $2700.

- If deposit of $500 is received by 6/22/23, a discount of $100 will be applied and total cost will be $2800.

Lodging examples:
Gallery - Casa Joaquin Boutique Hotel (hotelcasajoaquin.com)
Papalllacta hot-springs
Hamadryade Lodge
Luna Volcan

For payment instructions and additional details visit basecamp.

For any questions or concerns please contact Gilda Puente-Peters

Looking forward to a memorable trip!

Contact us at mail@owa-usa.org
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