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The quest for net zero in Sonoma

OWA 2022 Annual Retreat

16-18 September 2022
Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma, California,


The Program

Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues, will be our inspirational speaker on zero carbon building and the reason it is now the focus of the energy community in California and beyond.

Art project

Ann Wright and Betty Woo will organize a fabric collage and quilt art project.


Penny Opry, a local San Francisco band, will play music inspired by Tin Pan Alley, zydeco, blues, and rock and roll.


Delia Sayavedra, Sonoma Zumba, will lead our dance lesson. At the end of the weekend, on Sunday morning, Lisa Murray, Yoga Community, will lead us in a relaxing session of Yin yoga which targets connective tissue.

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