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2014 OWA Retreat

2014 Retreat

OWA Retreat 2014 41st Year

Organization of Women Architects and Design Professionals
12 - 14 September 2014, Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma, California,

Empowering Improvisation

The Program: In The Foundations of Improv, OWA will work
on spontaneity and creative development through improvisation.
Emily Maya Mills (Upright Citizens Brigade, Comedy Central,
Disney, IFC, NBC) will guide members through exercises, games
and simple scene work focused on deep listening and creative
thinking. As experts in architecture, design, building and planning
we will learn to leave the blueprints behind in this playful exploration
of movement and basic collaboration. In the morning session, Emily
will provide a full-immersion experience in performing outside of our
comfort zones and trusting in the creative possibility of the present
moment. In the afternoon session, we'll play with our new toolbox in
a casual performance environment and discuss how laughter,
listening and creative spontaneity can increase professional punch..
The program will:
* Exercise and enhance our ability to think on our feet
* Expand our strategies to overcome fear, recover from disaster and
perform under pressure
* Strengthen our ability to speak comfortably and confidently while
having fun
* Improve our ability to feel "on" and to perform even when we are
not in the mood.

Fun with Music & Movement: This year we will join
Audrey Pratt for a session of Eccentrics, combining a stretch class
and a yoga class to increases the ability to burn fat. Leslie Murphy
will lead us in a session of Yoga Movement. For live music and
dancing on Saturday night, the Baguette Quartette will play French
cafe music heard in Paris between 1920 and 1940 on street
corners, in cafes, and in popular dance halls.

Art project: This year we will experiment with dyeing fabric:
adding color, patterns and designs to items of clothing. Bring one
or two cotton or silk garments for you, a friend or a child: t-shirt,
dress, scarf or other. We will draw or paint with dye directly onto
the cloth and iron the piece to fix the design. Upcycle a garment and
give it new life as art to wear!

Join us for a weekend of conversation, fun exercise, hiking,
swimming, hot tub, massage, music, art, and good food. Give
everybody a chance to know you better, develop closer ties with
friends and colleagues, and go home inspired by new ideas from
our group.

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