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Results of the Linoblock Project at the 2010 retreat

OWA 2010 Annual Retreat

Our 2010 Annual Retreat for OWA members and their guests took place on September 24 to 26, 2010 at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma County. Accommodations are shared rooms in rustic redwood cabins set among landscaped grounds including pool and hot tub. The towns of Sonoma and Glen Ellen are minutes away.

If you new to the OWA - there is no better way to get to know the members than attending our annual retreat. If you are a "seasoned" member, you know how much fun and camaraderie there is among our group. The weekend includes a professional development program, art project, delicious meals, stimulation conversations, yoga, dancing and more.

The professional development program involved a process to uncover our unique strengths. Through our own personal advance work and a guest speaker we worked with the book StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath which helped each of us to discover and define our top five talents. At the retreat we had a short presentation about StrengthsFinder and then did activities showing us how to better utilize our own individual strengths in our daily activities, wherever we are in life.

Good food and conversation

The participants and their woodblock prints

The Maze in 2010, built by OWA members during the 2005? retreat.

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