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Members in front of their linoblock prints

2010 Retreat Linoblock Prints

The craft project for the 2010 Annual OWA Retreat at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, was the creation of linoblock prints, a process that most members had not engaged in since childhood, if ever.

The results, all of which are presented below, are quite engaging. Member Linda Corbett supplied both the materials and the instruction in the process. The prints were made onto cotton rag paper.

Ana Munoz

Ann E. Wright

Betty Woo

Cynthia Tanyan

Debbie Klein

Dede Tave

Calen Cranz

Gilda Puente Peters

Inge Horton

Jacqueline Morgan

Jane Kwan

Janet Tam

Jennifer Anderson

Joanne Chow Winship

Karlene Gullone

Kathleen Cruise

Kirsten Kruse

Leslie Allen

Linda Corbett

Margaret Goglia

Sara Woodfield

Susan Aitken

Rachel Slonicki

Wendy Goodman

Special thanks to Joanne Winship for scanning the prints and to all the OWA Members who Participated!

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