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Owa Book Circle 2012 Report to Business Meeting of Oct 9

Wendy Bertrand - 10/10/12 10:31AM  |  Share

1. We are a group of eight who read and discuss books that link women’s issues and architecture.

Current members:
Inge Horton
Hourig Ayanyan
Shannon Devine
Tammy Lin
Wendy Bertrand
Rachel Slonicki New late 2011
Pamela Wadsworth New late 2012
Cristina Townsend New late 2012

Past members
Karlene Gullone
Leon Setti
Jamie Brown

2. Next OWA Book Circle to meet on Monday November 5, 2012

3. At the Oct 18, 2011 OWA Business meeting it was agreed to keep a set of all books as an OWA library. Architect Susan Aitken of Hamilton + Aitken is managing the library in her office, where OWA book circle member Cristina Townsend works. Two books have been borrowed and she is willing to be the official library for all our books. Ten people (other than circle members) borrowed and returned books when I was taking care of this task. Unfortunately 2 books were not returned by Book Circle member Leon Setti, I have tried to reach him several times without success. I am not sure what his situation is.

4. First three books, read in 2011 to go to the following locations. An OWA bookplate (attached) was designed and printed by Shannon Devine and distributed to book circle members with a template letter of donation.
Inge Horton- Lick-Wilmerding 755 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112
Tammy Lin – Foothill College 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
Hourig Ayanyan- Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 1 Grand Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
Jamie Brown- Laney College 900 Fallon Street Oakland, CA 94607
Shannon Devine- City College of SF 50 Phelan Avenue, SF, CA 94112
Rachel Slonicki-?

5. The first two books have been read and written up for OWA Newsletters, the third will be this fall.
Architecture: A Women’s Profession by Jovis coming soon from Germany in English
Women and the Everyday City: Public Space in San Francisco, 1890-1915 by Jessica Ellen Sewell
Enamored with Place: As Woman + As Architect by Wendy Bertrand

6. 2012 OWA Book Circle Budget was $1000 Actually used $749.50 (Oct 2011-Sept 2012)

7. At our November 5, 2012 Book Circle we will be discussing reading shorter pieces and maybe exploring other formats. This is open for discussion. OWA Book Circle therefore requests a smaller $600 budget for books, articles, and mailing costs in 2013.
($1000 was already in budget that was passed on Oct 9.)The book circle members may select from a variety of reading material. Under consideration so far are:

Essay: The Incredible True Adventures of the Architectress in America by Gabrielle Esperdy
Essay: Why Architects Need Feminism by Despina Stratigakos
Pansera, Anty, ed.Nothing Less: 1945-2000 - The Power of Female Design Exhibition catalogue featuring over 100 objects design by female Italian designers. Category: Design, Industrial Design Binding: Pap. Pages: 96 pp. Publisher: Umberto Allemandi Year: 2011 Publication Place: Torino, ISBN: 9788842219729 Book Id: 89829Price: $42.00

8. The OWA Book Circle has been requested to greet attendees to the OWA 40th Anniversary Symposium and to display and sell books written by speakers and OWA members to promote the exchange of information between architects, design professionals and the public.

9. If you are interested in being part of the OWA Book Circle (when a spot is open) or in borrowing books from the circle any time, contact Wendy Bertrand at 415- 648-2713.

OWA Admin - 10/10,/12 9:23PM

Note that all of the first 5 Book Circle Books, their discussions and places where they may be purchased are linked on the OWA Resource Page.

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