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SF Academy of Art Information Request

Leslie Golden - 1/25/14 11:48AM  |  Share

My niece is considering attending the Academy of Art in the Architecture department. She is coming up in the second week of Feb to look at it. Is anyone willing to show her around our talk to her on the phone or email?

Leslie Golden

Charlayne A. Sakamoto - 1/26,/14 11:20PM

Dede would be the best person since she is still regularly on campus. Suzan as well. Since I am working, I don't get out to SF much anymore. Do you have Dede's information?
I will e-mail it to you.
I also have a few instructors I can recommend she speak to as well. I also have a few friends in the MArch program that I could contact to see if they would be available.

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