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Seminar: Universal Design & Understanding How to Effectively Apply the New 2013 CBC Accessibility Requirements and the Alignment Process

Gilda Puente-Peters - 3/24/14 5:03PM  |  Share

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
BARCELON + JANG Architecture
315 Bay Street, Floor 3
San Francisco, CA 94133

Course Objectives:
• Understanding the benefits of Universal Design and Inspirational Case Studies
• Changes in California Legislation and CASp Certified Access Specialist Program
• Effect of Federal Law on California Accessibility provisions
• Effective use of the new scoping and “Safe Harbor” provisions
• Understanding the alignment of California Accessibility Code with the ADA Standards and areas where California still has more stringent requirements
• Understanding the new organization and key changes in technical provisions

Part I: 2.5 Hours (9:30 - 12:00 AM)

Universal Design presentation and illustration of the principals of universal design applied in inspirational case studies. The application of Universal Design concepts in creative and inclusive variety of projects including a discussion of the benefits of mainstreaming Universal Design. Understanding ergonomics and the impact of our design solutions on the functionality and improvement in the quality of life for people with a wide variety of abilities.
Changes in California Legislation and its effect on businesses, including an overview of Senate Bill 1186 and its effect on the CASp Certified Access Specialist Program for businesses.
During this seminar you will receive an update of the latest 2013 CBC Title 24 code changes and the 2010 ADA Standards. How to apply the new scoping and “safe harbor” provisions to new projects, alterations or existing facilities.

Part II: 2.5 Hours (1:00 - 3:30 PM)

This session focuses on the CBC code reorganization format, CBC and ADAS code alignment process, key technical requirements highlighting the areas where California Accessibility code still has more stringent requirements. During this session you will gain a better understanding of the new code requirements, explore common industry errors, as well as best practices.
About the Instructor

Gilda Puente-Peters, (GPPA) CASp-24, Principal of GPPA Architects, is a licensed Architect and a Certified Access Specialists with over 28 years of specialized experience in Accessibility, Universal Design and Education. Gilda is consider an Expert in Disabled Access and has developed an extensive curriculum and has provided accessibility trainings throughout the State of California and Internationally. Ms. Puente-Peters has served as a member of the California Division of the State Architect’s Subject Matter Experts Committee to advice on the development of the State’s Certified Access Specialist Program. She brings to her trainings a wealth of practical experience from the wide variety of services provided by her firm, including Transition Plans, Self-Evaluations, CASp accessibility surveys, Plan Review, Inspections, Policy Making, Training Programs and Code Compliance Consultations.
To learn more about the instructor visit:
Continuing Educational Units

This training seminar qualifies for Architectural Board mandatory 5-hours of Continuing Education units for License renewal, AIA, CASp Certified Access Specialists and other Continuing Education units.

Contact: 510-526-6226

General Admission $150 using PayPal, or mailing a check to GPPA Architects.
OWA and CASI members $120

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