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How Syria's architecture laid the foundation for brutal war

Wendy Bertrand - Jul 10, 2016 12:01PM

How Syria's architecture laid the foundation for brutal war
10:25 minutes -- TEDSummit video

What caused the war in Syria? Oppression, drought and religious differences all played key roles, but Marwa Al-Sabouni suggests another reason: architecture. Speaking to us over the Internet from Homs, where for the last six years she has watched the war tear her city apart, Al-Sabouni suggests that Syria's architecture divided its once tolerant and multicultural society into single-identity enclaves defined by class and religion. The country's future now depends on how it chooses to rebuild.

Very important meaningful example of social and cultural aspects of architecture by young architect, well explained. go to Ted talks and put in title.
Enjoy the challenge

Cynthia Bathgate - Jul 11, 2016 10:36PM

This is a great find. Click here to access the video directly.

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