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Cynthia Bathgate - 4/16/17 1:04PM  |  Share

someting like this!

In our OWADP visioning retreat last year, called "Realizing Our Potential," the main questions that came from discussions were how do we make our group more visible, and how can we clearly communicate the mission of the organization.

One of the main priorities that arose from these questions was addressing our visual identity and refining it. We are in need of a new logo because it should reflect the current name change of our organization from "Organization of Women Architects" to "Organization of Women Architects + Design Professionals," and carry across many mediums, whether our logo appears on something physical like a flyer or digitally like on our website. We want a logo that's recognizable and impactful while simultaneously reflecting who we are as an organization.

Please download attachment for rules, deadlines, and specifications.

DEADLINE: May 31, 2017
Please email submissions to .


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