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OWA+DP Bulletin February 22nd 2024

Charlayne A. Sakamoto - 2/22/24 7:01PM  |  Share
Hola OWA+DP!!

A few announcements this week before we get to the list of events.

First, please welcome and thank Sara Khorshidifard for graciously volunteering on the Steering Committee. YAY!

Sara is a community design leader, design researcher, and urbanist. Director of a planning and design outreach center, and a tenured and promoted associate professor of architecture. She has lead participatory design, research, and outreach – initiating and mediating projects, securing grants and funding, involving diverse arrays of people, and managing planning and design visioning processes in collaboration with several city, town, neighborhood, and nonprofit interest groups. She will join with Sara Mae on programs and assist with the Steering and Mentoring Committees.

Second, we are excited to bring you the virtual zoom presentation: Designing Tomorrow Unleash the Potential of AI in your design practice. The event will be held on March 5th. This is for members only. Non-members can join for a fee.

Lastly, we plan to launch the Mentoring Program at the April 7th event. If you want to join, know someone that wants to join, please stay tuned for more information. We plan to have a two-tier program where mentees are students and mid-level professionals. Mentors are mid-level and beyond. You must be a current active member to participate in this program. You must also attend this event in person. If you cannot, please contact me (Charlayne A. Sakamoto) and I can't try to help you out. More details to come.

Upcoming Events
March 5th: Designing Tomorrow Unleash the Potential of AI in your design practice
April 7th: Sausalito Womens Club Tour + Mixer + Mentoring Launch
September 20th-22nd: OWA+DP 2024 Retreat

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Thank you all for your ongoing support. Here's to achieving even greater things together in the future.


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