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OWA+DP Bulletin March 12th 2024

Charlayne A. Sakamoto - 3/12/24 11:48AM  |  Share
Greetings OWA+DP!!

Please renew your memberships today. All events are free for members and we have a lot of great upcoming events. To renew, log into your OWA+DP profile on our website and follow the links at the top of the page.

Tonight 3/12/24 at 6PM, we have an event to help you manage stress. See below for a link to more information.

Upcoming Events
March 12th: Stress Management 101: Presented by Architect Morgan Chawaga This is webinar to learn about the stress we encounter, how to identify chronic stress, and coping mechanisms and stress management techniques.
March 21st: Third Thursday Zoom Social - Topic Women in History Month: Women Architects and Designers

April 7th: Sausalito Womens Club Tour + Mixer + Mentoring Launch
September 20th-22nd: OWA+DP 2024 Retreat

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Thank you all for your ongoing support. Here's to achieving even greater things together in the future.


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