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AIA East Bay: Anne Fougeron; Building Houses, Not Keeping Them

OWA Webmaster - 6/2/08 8:54PM  |  Share

You are all invited, as are your friends and coworkers, to a jointly hosted AIAEB and OWA Program: Anne Fougeron; Building Houses, Not Keeping Them. 20 years of designing and building in the Bay Area.

Presentation by Anne Fougeron; award winning San Francisco Architect

Our woman-owned firm of Fougeron Architecture has gained international renown for distinguished work that consistently exhibits a strong commitment to design excellence and quality of architectural detail. We approach every job with as much creative and critical thought as possible - including the belief that architecture can and should be a part of the political world.

For us, making great architecture involves designing spaces that people occupy and that move them - rather than demonstrating purely theoretical constructs. Over time, we have become more and more interested in the perceptual qualities of space, in the ways people interact with architecture. This insight has led to the conviction that principles of design are integrally connected to principles of democracy in beautiful spaces. A building that is exciting and full of life communicates respect for all individuals within a community; an environment that is harmonious and reassuring to everyone within reinforces the principle of social equality.

All are welcome, no fee and light appetizers and refreshements will be provided
Place: AIA EB office
Tuesday, June 3 from 6:00 - 7:30

1405 Clay Street

Contact us at
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by check or PayPal