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Interior Desinger moving to SF

Jocelyn Roach - 9/12/08 6:45AM  |  Share

I recently finished my interior design degree in Boston MA and am moving to SF in October. I am excited about my new careeer and new city, and feel posotive about the opportunites San Francisco has to offer.
I have been looking and applying for jobs in the area and am happy to have this organization for support and contacts.
Any advice, help or direction would be amazing.
jocelyn roach


Leslie Golden - 5/29,/09 5:37PM

If you are going to be independant we have a design collective in Oakland. You can check out our web site wwwUrbanDesignWest.com. We don't have an interior designer - but no quarantee of work either.
Call me if interested at 510 589 5580
Leslie Golden

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