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CWED to join OWA

Jacqueline Morgan - 1/6/10 10:52AM  |  Share

In Oct. I sent a letter about the Coalition of Women in Environmental Design based in Sacramento becoming a part of OWA. I have not received any information back and would like to know if you have discussed this issue.
We are a small group of about 30 woman, mainly architects, that have been meeting for many years . However, we have no non-profit status or formal organization. We were wondering if we became a sub-chapter of OWA how it could work for us to use your non-profit status, perhaps paying the $20 dues for long distance membership and keeping another $15 separate for our activities.
I am a memeber of OWA.
Jacqueline Morgan

Wendy Bertrand - 1/6,/10 12:05PM

Interesting proposal.I would suggest you go to...

Interesting proposal.

I would suggest you go to the next OWA Board of Directors meeting in early February if you want action.
There are advantages for an informal structure. Is there a reason you want non-profit status? I guess all your members could become OWA members individually and have the advange of both groups.

Wendy Bertrand

Alicia Rosenthal - 2/13,/10 1:41PM

OWA has fought to continue offering health insuran...

OWA has fought to continue offering health insurance to members. This is very important for sole practitioners in particular. If this is something of value to you you may need to become full members. Please make sure you go to the Steering Committee.

Joanne Winship - 2/23,/10 1:25PM

Hello Jacqueline,Im a new member of the Steerin...

Hello Jacqueline,
Im a new member of the Steering Committee. Please excuse us for not responding sooner to your query. We met for the first time as a Steering Committee this month, February, and are finding our way as we sort out our roles and responsibilities for moving OWA programs forward into 2010 and 2011. There was a lot to discuss at our first meeting in addition to having a presentation from Wendy Bertrand on the origins of OWA, so we were only able to briefly address your request. Not having enough information to discuss the CWED request and it was late in the evening, we initially felt that OWA could not incorporate another organization having just gone through changes of the bylaws. However, now that I see your query in the Forum, I better understand the CWED request. There are many issues involved and not only with using OWA nonprofit status. It does deserve more discussion and perhaps that can take place through the policy committee/group that Leslie Golden, steering committee member, is trying to establish for more open discussion on the operating structure of OWA. You can contact Leslie; comment further in this Forum; and/or come to a steering committee meeting, but please let us know in advance as we prepare an agenda. In the meanwhile, we welcome CWED members to become OWA members.

Joanne Chow Winship

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