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Mapping the Cycles of Sanctuary: A Weekend Workshop with Topher Delaney - Oct 16 + 17

Topher Delaney - 10/6/10 12:09PM  |  Share


Field Notes for Constructing Sanctuary Through Drawings + The Written Word


Topher Delaney – Director of Seam Studio / Artist
Joni Palmer – PhD. Candidate in Geography + Public Art / Writer /Landscape Architect

This two day workshop will offer you the opportunity, through drawing + writing + discussion, to develop your personal field notes on the construction + cultivation of a place/space we name Sanctuary.

How do we/you define + develop sanctuary through ENGAGEMENT = RETRIEVAL both physically + emotionally in contrast to ISOLATION= REMOVAL both physically + emotionally? How do we imbue + acknowledge symbols within constructed nature (landscape + garden) which evoke the realization of our relationship to the intimacy of self + nature?

We will both visually + through discussion reflect upon iconic evidences of perceived + constructed boundaries of sanctuaries.We will address the WHERE = topography + WHY = cultural + spiritual beliefs which have contributed to the creation of personal + public relationships to physical spaces of reflection + spiritual renewal????

Cycles of Cultivating Sanctuary: “the 4 R’s”
We will reference FOUR significant principals of thought + action throughout our workshop: RELEVANCE, REFLECTION, RENNOVATION, RENEWAL

These principals form a spherical structure of discourse + comprehension rather than a linear sequence of information. We will focus our discussions with you through a confluence of cognitive + emotional patterns activated by the principals of the 4Rs. through our spheres of investigation, our intention is to offer you a compass of directions, which accompany physical + virtual maps/design referencing the metaphor + meaning of exterior sanctuaries. Your field notes will be your guides to your maps/design of sanctuaries.

Day 1 - Saturday, Oct 16th (9am - 4pm):
Morning: Lecture + Discussion on the ethnology of Sanctuaries.

Lunch: The Nature of our Nourishment.
Discussion of Edible Gardens + The Sanctuary of the Outdoor Barbeque...
Lunch provided by Fishes + Loaves

Afternoon: A walk through paradise...
Drawing + writing techniques for field notes.
The focus will be your intention + attention.

Day 2 - Sunday, Oct 17th (9am - 4pm):
Morning: Exercises in drawing out + writing down forms + functions of significance which describe the rite of Sanctuary as a dynamic.

Lunch: Apples + Snakes.
Discussion on rituals + myths of Sanctuary.
Lunch provided by Eden catering.

Afternoon: The ritual of the threshold / aperture + the boundary / the constructs of engagement. We will focus on the rhythm + cadence of completing the drawing + ending the sentence.

COST: $150 (lunch included both days)

TO ENROLL: Contact Kika Probst @ or
call 415.621.9899 (ext. 100)

SEAM Studio
600 Illinois Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

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