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Gilda Does an Excellent Access Seminar

Leslie Allen - Oct 28, 2010 8:53PM

This is a review of the excellent disabled access seminar that OWA member Gilda Puente-Peters presented last Saturday.

Gilda was not only well-organized and had her material down pat, but it makes a huge difference to hear about disabled access issues and solutions from an architect, especially one who's personally done as much fieldwork and teaching in this subject.

I attended a shorter access seminar by a code expert at an AIA office, who listed the requirements any one could look up, but Gilda's explanations of why and how the ADA and state building codes support accessibility, and photos of typical problem areas and design failures, made a memorable difference. Gilda's info was far more interesting, and will also help me to remember the rules and be a better designer. I highly recommend Gilda Puente-Peters' accessibility seminars.
Leslie Allen, Architect

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