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"10 Words, 10 Images" March 10th at Women in Architecture Forum, AIA East Bay

Jamie Brown - 3/9/11 12:00AM  |  Share

Please join the AIA East Bay Women in Architecture Forum on Thursday, March 10th at 6:30pm for the third annual "10 Words 10 Images" event. This year's theme is "Creativity."

"10 Words 10 Images" is a short-format presentation with YOU as the presenter- an easy and fun way to showcase your talents, passion, recent work and whatever else you'd like to share. It's also a great way to sharpen your presentaiton skills and introduce yourself to colleagues and peers here in the East Bay.

How does it work? Choose 10 images and 10 descriptive words or phrases, and create 10 slides in a powerpoint presentation with a word and image on each slide. Bring the powerpoint presentation (or 10 separate .jpg or .tif files) on a flash drive, and you'll have 10 seconds per slide to describe your images (or let them speak for themselves).

Please RSVP to so everyone who wants to present gets a slot.

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