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Newsletter | Mar/Apr 1973

Volume 1:2
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Agenda and Dolores Hayden: her experiences with WALAP

by Mui Ho    |    Share #632

A. Informal gathering to get to know each other

B. Dolores Hayden, who started WALAP (Women Architects and Landscape Architects and Planners) in Boston, March 1972, now on th faculty in U.C. Berkeley, will share with us briefly her experiences with WALAP.

C. This will leadd into a discussion about objectives and directions of our group.

D. Short review of activities now underway, such as
Plans for A.I.A. Converntion Bobby Sue Hood
Idea for issue oriented concerns of members Mui Ho
License Examination Danica Truchlikova
General mary Laleyan

E. Plan for next meeting

Meeting Location

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Date: Thursday, 8 March 1973
Place: 1605 Arch Street, Berkeley, Ca.
Home of Mui Ho 841-4458
Time: 6:30 pm


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Fani Hansen: her work at Anshen & Allen, Architects

by Mary Lelayen    |    Share #633

Dear Friends, our next
MEETING: April 5 at 6;30 in the conference room
Coffee and refreshments
461 Bush Street 4th floor

Address Reply to: Mary Laleyan, AIA 391-7100 Ext. 41
726 Bush Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94108

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1. Fani Danadjieva Hansen, AIA, will talk about her work and
will. show slides and a movie of projects she has designed. The
presentation will be followed by a question and answer period.

2. Report on the activities of the AIA Convention Task Force -
Sandy Schopman

3. Progress report on the bylaws sections of "Membership" and "Dues'
Mary Laleyan

If time permits Wendy Bertrand and I will prepare a short resume of the birth and activities of the OWA to date and a proposed program for the rest of the year and we will distribute them at the meeting.

Some News of Interest

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East Bay Chapter, AIA, lecture: The Do's and Don'ts of Roofing Conducted by Gary Fasano, Owens-CorningFiberglas. 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, 1973, room 22, Warren Hall - U.C. Berkeley. The lecture will consist of slides covering the proper construction techniques in built-up roofing. Mr. Fasano will point out what not to do and why. This is the kind of background information you will need for the construction theory portion of the Equivalency Exam. $1.00 charge to non-members can be applied to the first years dues in the East Bay AIA.

Northern California Chapter, AIA Howard Friedman, President of the
Chapter, agrees that "Members and their wives" should be changed to
"Members and their spouses". He says it was not done intentionally,
it is an oversight. OK!
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