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Newsletter Archive

Apr/Jun 2024
Editor's Note
New OWA+DP website to launch
Recap on 2023 programs

Jan/Mar 2024
Editor's Note
How about a good conversation?
Update on Retreat 2024
More images of the Emirates
Eames Archive, Richmond California

Oct/Dec 2023
Editor's Note:
Legacy presentation
HOK Office Tour and Talk
Saturday Night Music and Dance
Landscape Presentation by Leslie Golden

Jul/Sep 2023
Editor's Note
More on the Gala
More Gala photos can be found on our web site
Remembering Suzanne Stewart

Apr/Jun 2023
Editor's Note
The Unrealized Vision of Architect Merle Easton’s “School Street Concept"
Tour of SFO Terminal 1

Jan/Mar 2023
Editor's Note
Speakers for the Anniversary Symposium
Triton Museum Visit
OWA+DP Holiday Party

Nov/Dec 2022
Editor's Note
LiDAR Seminar
Retreat Art Project
2022 Retreat Photos

Sep/Oct 2022
Editor's Note

Jul/Aug 2022
Editor's Note
A different kind of inspiration
Art Quilt Retreat Project 2022
Visit Porcelanosa

May/Jun 2022
Editor's note
What has inspired us recently?
Inspiration 2022
What Inspires Me
Meet one of our new SC member - Nazila Duran

Mar/Apr 2022
Editor's Note
Retreat theme for 2022
Refugee shelters and Ukrainian architecture
Ukraine's Architectural Treasures Face Destruction
Modernist Kharkiv : Behind The Battle to Protect It
How can you help and what can you donate?

Jan/Feb 2022
Editor's Note:
Career Transitions
Thoughts about Retirement
New Steering Committee members

Nov/Dec 2021
Editor's Note:
2021 Retreat Talk Synopsis
Saturday Retreat Recap
Teaching Positions

Sep/Oct 2021
Editor's Note
2021 OWA Retreat is On
Women we should know about
More Women in the News

Jul/Aug 2021
Editor' Note:
50th Anniversary Symposium
50th Anniversary Gala
50th Anniversary Travel
Anniversary Exhibit
Retreat - 24-26 September 2021
Kathryn Anthony - recipient of 2021 AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion

May/Jun 2021
Editor's Note:
Artist and Handyman
Roz Koo Obituary
Remembering Roz Koo

Mar/Apr 2021
Editor's Note:
Our New Steering Committee Member
White Columns and Elongated Dome
Life during lockdown
Obituary Carolina Woo
Remembering Carolina Woo
Selected projects by Carolina Woo

Jan/Feb 2021
Editor's note:
Dialogue on Anti-racism
Donation to Hamilton Families
Monthly Meeting 2021

Nov/Dec 2020
Editor's Note:
OWA Virtual Retreat
Aloha Quarantine Wedding
Qurantine Time
Running my Office during Covid 19

Sep/Oct 2020
Editor's Note
Clara Irazabal-Zurita - Fulbright Scholar Award
Interview with Burkina Faso Architect - Francis Kéré
Celebrating 30 Years of ADA
Something to Pick Our Spirits Up

Jul/Aug 2020
Editor's Note
Our First Twenty-five Years
Community Work
Update on Current Activities

May/Jun 2020
A note from your editor
Making Masks
Lockdown as a defining event of our lives
Working during lockdown

Mar/Apr 2020
A note from your editor
At The table
Planning the Retreat
Remembering Sandra Vivanco

Jan/Feb 2020
A note from your Editor
OWA+DP Treasurer – what do they do?
Fateful Meeting
How I ended up on a farm in Northern Ireland
Calendar 2020

Nov/Dec 2019
Happy New Year!
Steering Committee transition meeting
OWA+DP: Women's March Oakland 2020
Time to renew!

Sep/Oct 2019
The Personal in the Profession needs more work!
UPCOMING EVENT: OWADP Holiday Party 2019!
PAST EVENT: Annual Business Meeting
New Steering Committee Statements
Donation to Hamilton Family!

Jul/Aug 2019
WIA Exhibit 2020
OWA 2019 Annual Business Meeting
Webinar Training | Get Started Writing & Get Your Name Out There

May/Jun 2019
IAWA meeting
Only 7 spots remain for the retreat! Sign up today!
YAX scholarship award ceremony, 2019
16th annual Architecture + the City (September 1-30) - San Francisco
Salesforce Park Tour Guided by PWP Landscape Architecture

Mar/Apr 2019
Remembering: Spring Ruth Friedlander 1943 - 2019
OWA+DP Retreat 2019: Housing and Gentrification
AIASF Small Firms, Great Projects: 15th Edition
**Membership Discount**

Jan/Feb 2019
Note from the Editor
Upcoming event: OWA business forum
Time to RENEW your 2019 Membership !!
Sign up for 2019 Retreat!
Rebuilding together San Francisco : She-Builds 2019!
2019 OWA+DP events:

Nov/Dec 2018
Happy New Year + Holiday Party
OWA+DP Meeting at Now What?! Exhibition, CCA Galleries, Dec 6, 2018
OWA+DP: Women's March San Francisco 2019
Steering Committee transition meeting
Time to renew!

Sep/Oct 2018
Member Spotlight :: Hannah Chatham
PAST EVENT: #me too and you event
Annual Retreat 2018 : Celebration of 45 Years and Why OWA+DP Matters
PAST EVENT: Annual Business Meeting
Steering Committee Candidate Statements
Donation to Hamilton Family!
Upcoming event :: Now What?! Advocacy, Activism & Alliances in American Architecture since 1968

Jul/Aug 2018
Interview with Cindy Li, ACE Scholarship award recipient
OWA EVENT: Somatic Design: How the Body Makes Marks: Toward a Somatic Shift in Architecture
Housing as Intervention: Architecture towards Social Equity
In memory of Lois Davidson Gottlieb
OWA Annual Business Meeting
AIASF Equity by Design fifth Symposium on November 3, 2018

May/Jun 2018
Member Spotlight :: Helen Vasquez
YAX scholarship award ceremony
Interview with Naomi Hawksley, YAX Scholarship awarded
Upcoming event :: # Me Too& You, Register now!
Sign up for 2018 Retreat!
ACE Mentoring award ceremony
Past Event :: Book Talk with Christie Coffin

Mar/Apr 2018
Book Talk with Christie Coffin
ACE Mentoring Scholarship
Youth art exchange Scholarship
OWA + DP presents #Me Too
2018 Milan Furniture Fair, April 17-22nd
OWA Mixer at Farley's East
Women in Architecture Award 2018 winners
AIA SF Small Firms, Great Projects Submission
Women in Architecture Forum & Awards: Celebrate Design Leadership

Jan/Feb 2018
OWA+DP at Women's March in OAKLAND

Nov/Dec 2017
Note from the editor
Happy New Year + Holiday Party
ACE Mentoring Update
** OWA+DP Library **
Member Spotlight : Nastaran Mousavi
Recent and Upcoming Events
Women In Architecture and Design | Online Wanderings
Welcome New Members!

Sep/Oct 2017
Note from the Editor
2017 Retreat in Photos
First Four Female AA Students
Welcome New Members!
Join the OWA+DP Steering Committee!
Outstanding! Building Tour of LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Willows in the Wind: A Parent Support Group for Parents of Struggling Teens
Uncross Your Fingers Indemnity Relief For Design Professionals!
Galen Cranz Nominated Speaker at Univ of Illinois
EAMES at ODC: January 2018
Past Event: July 29th: Saturday Coffee and Chat
Past Event: July 11th: Engaging youth: empowering future architects, planners and designers!
Passing of Cory Kutsenkow

Mar/Apr 2017
Note from the Editor
OWA+DP Member Retreat | Save the Date!
OWA+DP Logo Competition | Call for Submissions
Building Tour : LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour
Sketches by Nayive Kalkach
Berkeley City Club | Ongoing Tours
Forensic Architecture Panel | Event Report
A Conversation with Architect Wendy Bertrand
** Membership **
Official Business

Jan/Feb 2017
Note from the Editor
Looking to Our 50th Anniversary - A Book to Tell Our Story
Assessing the Archives, Getting the Book Started
ACE Mentoring and the Laney College Tiny House
Women's March Washington DC
Member Spotlight :: Conyee Chan
Official Business
2017 Programs
** Membership **

Nov/Dec 2016
Get to Know a Member in 5 Questions
Welcome New Members
News from Our Members
After the Election, A Conversation
Holiday Party

Sep/Oct 2016
Get to Know a Member in 5 Questions
Annual Retreat
Julia Morgan Lectures
Annual Business Meeting
News from Our Members
Welcome New Members

Jul/Aug 2016
Get to Know a Member in 5 Questions
Equity by Design
City Slickers Farm
SFO Tour
Book Review: Sharing the Work
A Conversation with My Dentist
Steering Committee Meeting Highlights

May/Jun 2016
Get to Know a Member in 5 Questions
Galen Cranz talks about Ethnography for Designers
Steering Committee Meeting Highlights
The Underground Architect Who Saved Paris

Mar/Apr 2016
Get to Know a Member in 5 Questions
After Zaha Hadid, a Few Questions
The Work of Mary Colter
Steering Committee Meeting Highlights
Visioning Retreat
Book Preview: Resilience by Design

Jan/Feb 2016
Note from the Editor
Get to Know a Member in 5 Questions
What You Can Do to Help Women in Architecture and Design
Official Business
Programs for 2016
Film Review: Lutah

Nov/Dec 2015
Lutah Marie Riggs Film
Comments of the Editor
City Slicker Farms' West Oakland Farm and Park Slated to Open in March
Lucia Travels to the Czech Republic
Grabstejn and the Hotel on Ještěd Mountain
The Hospital of Kuks
The Benes Villa at Seimovo Usti

Sep/Oct 2015
The Newsletter: to Mail or not to Mail
Notes from the Editor
Steering Committee Candidates' Statements
Brainstorming IDEO Style
Let's Partner with PARLOUR
Dare to Discuss Gender: Book Circle #11
PROFILE: Darlene Jang, AIA, OWA, Barcelon Jang Architecture

Jul/Aug 2015
Editor's Comments
Nancy Florence, Architect, February 8, 1935 - July 24, 2015: Bobbie Sue Hood remembers her friend and colleague as part of the evolution of women architects over the past 40 years
Memorial Service for Nancy Florence

May/Jun 2015
Editor's Comments
The Annual OWADP Retreat
Register for the 18th Annual UIFA Congress
Equity in Architecture at 2015 AIA National Convention
ATLAIANTA 2015: Reflections on the 2015 AIA National Convention
OWADP tour of Blake Garden

Mar/Apr 2015
The Origins of the Steering Committee
Julia Morgan and Feminism: Letter to the OWA/DP Editor, April 1974
Julia Morgan Tour of Chinatown
Book Review of Gender Intelligence by Barbara Annis and Keith Merron
In Memory of Sigrid Lorenzen-Rupp
The Berkeley-Rupp Architecture Professorship and Prize
Sheila Kennedy, 2014 Recipient of the Berkeley-Rupp Prize

Jan/Feb 2015
Editor's Comments
Movie Reveiw of She's Beautiful When She's Angry
Road Trip to an Inland Presidio
Honor Your Achievements - IAWA
The Thrill of the Hunt: Amazing Buildings
OWA Book Circle + AIASF Missing 32% Discuss Feminism and Architecture
Panel Discussion on Guiding Your Career at January Meeting
CASp Accessibility Training March 2-5

Nov/Dec 2014
Reflections on the Third Missing 32% Symposium -- Equity by Design
Feminism and Architecture: Where To Next?
Early Women Architects Daring to Design Modern
Remembering Teresa Sevilla
Report on Our 2014 Annual Business Meeting
Lesser Known Resources on the OWA Website
Building Health Forum Nov 11, USGBC-Northern CA Chapter
Berkeley Mayor Honors Architect Sandhya Sood
Sarah Moos Finalist in Curbed Young Guns Community Builders Competition

Sep/Oct 2014
Oct 21st: 2014 Annual Business Meeting
Steering Committee Candidate Statements
An Inspiring and Improvisational Retreat
OWA Retreat - Living Proof that We Can Do It
Girls Who Grow Up to be Architects
Equity by Design: Knowledge, Discussion, Action! Oct 18th
Feminism and Architecture: Intergenerational Conversations
Women in Architecture 1974-2014: Nov 7-9, WashU St Louis
GPPA Accessibility Seminar - SF, Nov 1
Documentary Honors Lutah Maria Riggs
Charlayne Sakamoto Has New Baby Boy!
Save the Date: Dec. 6 OWA Holiday Party

Jul/Aug 2014
Register Now -- Missing 32% Symposium 2014!
Sept 12-14 Weekend -- 2014 Annual Retreat
Remembering Architect Mary Laleyan
Julia Morgan's 2014 AIA Gold Medal Conferral
Beverly Willis: "I Express Our Collective and Respectful Anger. . . I Express our Collective Joy"
July Panel / Discussion on "Aging in Place"
Brief Update from the Steering Committee
Naomi Horowitz launches nih architecture
Lian Eoyang Wins Marvin "Architects Challenge"
Sculptor Looks to Women's Groups

May/Jun 2014
JULY 15 Panel Discussion: Aging in Place and International Design
Upcoming OWA 2014 Annual Retreat - Westerbeke Ranch, Sept 12-14 Weekend
Your Membership & Annual Renewal Supports & Promotes Women in Design-Related Fields
Thomas Church May Home & Gardens Tour
Sharing What We Do: Learning from Urban Disasters
Preservation + Disaster Recovery Housing - Galveston

Mar/Apr 2014
Sowing Sustainability
Women in Green Sparks Discussion at Book Circle 9
Community Sustenance and History of Place
50,000 Trees
May 20 Event: Thomas Church Home and Gardens
May 21 Event: OWA & SFAIA host Alexandra JaYeun Lee
2014 OWA RETREAT Sept 12-14 - Save the Date!
OWA Members Tour California Hotel
Joanne Chow Winship Photograph Exhibited
Soskol Gateway Transit Center
Kimberly Bowes: Next American Academy in Rome Director
Book Circle #10
Contested Spaces: Politicizing the Female Body

Jan/Feb 2014
2014 Steering Committee
Book Circle 9 - Women in Green: Voices of Sustainability
A Maternal Wall?
IIDP Panel Feb 12
2013 Accessibility Standards & CASp Training
Hamilton Family Center Thank You
Joint Event Held with NAWIC San Francisco
Joanne Chow Winship Photograph Selected
Missing 32% - Equity in Architecture Survey
"Alternative Futures" Visionary Architecture
If You Build It
Two Articles by Sandhya Sood on Julia Morgan
Architecture + Women.NZ
Perkins Eastman's Growing San Francisco Office
Keep Your Membership Current!
Job Opening: Oakland Heritage Alliance

Nov/Dec 2013
Event: January 8, 2014, Managing Design Risks
Ray Eames Exhibit
Julia Morgan, first woman architect to win AIA Gold Medal
Book Circle 8 Summary
Annual Holiday Party and Benefit for Hamilton Family Center
Woman Architect: Brenda Levin featured in Architect's Newspaper

Sep/Oct 2013
The Annual Business Meeting: how important it is!
Steering Committee Candidate Statements
Job Opportunity Forum
International Archive of Women in Architecture
Event November 7, 2013: Lean In, Women, Work and the Will to Lead
Getting to know one of our members: Galen Cranz

Jul/Aug 2013
Sign Up! The upcoming OWA Annual Retreat Sept. 20-22
Gilda Puente Peters Accessibility Training Seminar August 2
Julia Donoho and a mission for women to receive the AIA Gold Medal Award
Golden Associates recognized by Oakland City Council
An article on about Anna Cobb, America's first female architect

May/Jun 2013
A Resolution to Modify OWA Name to OWDP
Kickoff to the Mentoring Program June 11
Announcing the OWA Annual Retreat
OWA Sponsors AIA's Missing 32% Series
OWA is on Facebook
NOMA Celebrates its 40th year too
Leslie Allen: Buckelew Art Show and Fundraiser
Growing a Small Firm: Elevating the Role of Women
OWA Book Circle: Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg

Mar/Apr 2013
A Successful Symposium
OWA Symposium April 13th
Information about the Anniversary Cruise in the Mediterranean
Report on the OWA 40th Anniversary Gala
OWA Book Circle Report 7: Various Articles on Gender and Architectural Discourse
Petition to recognize Denise Scott Brown
Sandhya Sood on Julia Morgan
Gioconda R. Simmonds: Through the lens of a Hispanic female Architect

Jan/Feb 2013
Membership Renewal Reminder
40th Anniversary Symposium Member Exhibition
Jean Hansen Awarded LEED Fellow Designation
Gilda Puente Peters Offers ADA Accessibility Course
Esin Karilova is teaching a Kitchen Design class at UC Berkeley Extension

Nov/Dec 2012
OWA 40th Anniversary Gala Invitations Reminder
City College SF's Chinatown Campus is offering a Revit Class
OWA's 40th Anniversary Symposium in 2013 update
Houses that Work, Houses that Grow: Learning from Julia Morgan; a Sandhya Sood Lecture
Suzan Swabacker Offers to Coordinate Internships
OWA Book Circle 6 Report
Alfa Freysdóttir Shares her Thesis

Sep/Oct 2012
Save the Date, OWA's 40th Anniversary Celebration in 2013
The Missing 32%: A Symposium on Women in Architecture
The Julia Morgan Festival
Save the Date: OWA will run Bay to Breakers, 2013
Inaugural Rupp Prize awarded to Deborah Berke
News from OWA member Sandra Vivanco
Jiane Du: Public Service Center, Truckee, CA
Renewed Interest in the Status of Women Architects

Jul/Aug 2012
OWA Program, Aug 21: Kaiser Hospital Construction Site
Special OWA Program for September 18: A Tour of the San Francisco PUC Building
Christie Coffin Reports from India
OWA Member featured in The Palo Alto Weekly
California Clubs of Distinction: Accessibility at Health Clubs
Book Circle 5: Women and the Everyday City
Private tour of Rocio Romero Homes, Sept 22nd
Notes on Getting Licensed in California

May/Jun 2012
OWA June 12 Program: Attracting Clients You Love
OWA April Program Report: Tips from a Client's Point of VIew
OWA 40th Anniversary Report
OWA 40th Anniversary Trip: Mediterranean Cruise
OWA-Sponsored Ace Mentee Jazmin Orozco
Joanne Chow Winship at Rayko Gallery
Sandhya Sood Receives Award
Leslie Moldow: Design Trends for an Aging Population
Wendy Bertrand: Enamored with Place: As Woman + As Architect
Leslie Golden Landscape Associates Announcements
A Frank Lloyd Wright Tour and Dinner Event
The Julia Morgan Festival Gala
Oliver Ranch Tour benefitting Art at the Cheese Factory

Mar/Apr 2012
Report: Set Your Priorities & Vision for Your 2012 Success!
OWA April Program: Tips from the Client's Point of View
Oliver Ranch Tour, A Benefit for Art at the Cheese Factory
From Arch Daily: An interesting study on Women in Architecture
Book Circle Report: Architecture: A Woman’s Profession Edited by Tanja Kulluck

Jan/Feb 2012
OWA Program Feb. 21: Maria Cristini; Set your Priorities and Vision for your 2012 Success!
ACE Mentoring Program starts up February 8
A Reminder to Pay Your Annual Dues
Members thank Mui Ho for Hosting the Annual Holiday Party
Hamilton Family Center Thanks OWA for Donations
A.C.T. Presents a Play About Architects
Design San Francisco, Feb. 1-3, 2012 and a Special Event
Book Circle 3: Women and the Making of the Modern House

Nov/Dec 2011
Annual Holiday Party
Increase Your Visibility on the Web with
City of San Francisco HRC Small Business Event: "Maximizing Your Success with Public Works Contracts" 12/12/11
OWA Members Tour City College of San Francisco Latest Campus Building Under Construction
Annual Meeting Endorses Four New Steering Committee Members
Inge Horton: Winner of 2010 Milka Bliznakov Prize
Golden Associates, Landscape Architects, add new Senior Associate

Sep/Oct 2011
OWA Annual Business Meeting, October 18, 2011, 6 - 9 PM
OWA Video Taping Monday Nov 7th 1pm - 4pm
From Iceland to the OWA Retreat at Westerbeke
Annual Retreat at Westerbeke - Sustaining Places Slide Mosaic
OWA Pods
Women's Leadership Summit: Advancing Women in Leadership Positions

Jul/Aug 2011
How to Talk About What We Do...
What OWA Means to Me
American Academy in Rome: Rome Prize 2012
July 31 Reception for Leslie Allen Paintings
Get to Know Your OWA Colleagues by Joining the OWA Steering Committee
Annual Retreat at Westerbeke, September 16-18.
Julia Morgan 2012
Register for Volunteer Day at Mosswood Park

May/Jun 2011
OWA Annual Westerbeke Retreat: 16 - 18 September 2011
Nominations Open for OWA 2012 Steering Committee
Website Addition - Member Portfolio List
June 7 Live Web Presentation at 6PM: Investments with Lisa Kleissner
Visioning Retreat Focuses on What Makes OWA Vital
Summary: Healthy Alternatives for Interior Finishes & Materials
OWA Scholarship Award, ACE Mentor Program
Gilda Puente-Peters: Accessibility Seminar - June 16th
Architecture Firm Enjoys Aspen's Designation
Leslie Allen Painting Show Reception - July 31

Mar/Apr 2011
Invitation to OWA Visioning Retreat in Lafayette on May 7th
Healthy Alternatives Presentation April 19
Call for Steering Committee Nominees and Newsletter Articles
Announcing OWA Scholarship Program
GAB Report: Promoting Green Projects, Products and the OWA
Solar Opportunity
Great News from Topher Delaney
University of Iceland Centennial Lectures
Current Exhibitions on View
Book Circle #2: Discrimination by Design

Jan/Feb 2011
Introducing Our New Steering Committee Members
Public Relations and Group Outreach Project
OWA Welcomes Beverly Willis
In Memorium: Early OWA Member Rebecca Wood Watkin
Fox Theater Tour
Book Circle #1: Early Women Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area

Nov/Dec 2010
Notes from the Editor
OWA Holiday Party and Gifts to the Hamilton House
Public Relations and Group Outreach Project
October Annual Business Meeting
2010 Membership Survey Summary
November Steering Committee Summary
OWA Book Circle
New Website Features
In Memoriam: Milka Tscherneva Bliznakov
Office Spaces to Rent

Sep/Oct 2010
Editors Notes
OWA Urban Vitality Exhibition
Constructed Wetland Lecture
Steering Committee Nominee - Susan Aitken
Sterring Committee Nominee - Suzan Swabacker
Steering Committee Nominee - Dede Tave
Request for Projects to Photograph by Joanne Chow Winship
Proposals to promote OWA Mission
Westerbeke Retreat

Jul/Aug 2010
OWA Schedule
Annual OWA Westerbeke Retreat September 24-26, 2010
Design Competition and Events around the Bay
July Marketing Tips
Sandhya Sood: Book Launch
New Book Chronicles 100 Years of UC Berkeley's Architecture Department
June Meeting - Rainwater Harvesting
OWA Policy and Procedures Sub Committee
Mentorship Program
OWA Health Plan
Members in the Community:

May/Jun 2010
Editor's Note
Meeting Report: Search Engines, Social Media and Marketing
May Marketing Tips
Lectures and Events around the Bay
Award and Recognition: Cary Bernstein and Alice Prussin
Steering Committee Notes
OWA Policy and Procedures Working Group
OWA Mentorship Program
OWA Health Plan
OWA 2010 Dues Reminder
June Meeting Event: Rain Water Harvesting
Members in the Community

Mar/Apr 2010
Presentation Report: UC Berkeley Archives
Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Marketing

Jan/Feb 2010
Editor's Note
General Meetings in 2010
OWA Program: CED Archive Lecture and Tour
Steering Committee Update
Meet Our New Steering Committee Members
New Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
Holiday Benefit Party
OWA Policy Manual - Sub Committee
Mentorship Program
80% Federally Funded Program for new hires in Alameda County!

Nov/Dec 2009
Editor's Note
New Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
Organizational Structure and Behavior
Holiday Benefit Party
Mignon's Wedding
OWA Steering Committee News:
Health Insurance with the OWA

Sep/Oct 2009
Editor's Note
Vote on OWA new Bylaws and Articles
Seattle Architectural Tour
Upcoming Events-Laguna Honda Hospital Tour
Westerbeke Retreat Report
OWA-AIA Architecture and the City Exhibition and Reception

Jul/Aug 2009
Editior's Note
OWA Panel Discussion: Women in Green, Aug 18th
OWA Exhibition for AIASF Architecture in the City, Sep 1st
Member's Forum: Annette Janotta
OWA Tour of San Francisco Federal Building

May/Jun 2009
Editor's Note
Mignon O'Young's Green Architecture and Building Report
OWA Westerbeke Retreat 2009
OWA-AIA Reception and Exhibition
OWA Health Plan Meeting

Mar/Apr 2009
Editor's Note
Member's Forum
Disabled Access Course April 4th
OWA-AIA Reception April 30th
Designing the Green Transport Refueling Hub
OWA Program: Real Estate by Design with Candice Hyde-Wang

Jan/Feb 2009
Editor's Note
OWA Program: Real Estate by Design - Candice Hyde-Wang
Inge Horton's Pioneer Women in Architecture
Letter from Hamilton Family Center
New Steering Committee member: Carolyne Orazi
International Archive of Women in Architecture
Member's Forum
Time to Renew Your Membership!

Nov/Dec 2008
Editor's Note
Holiday Benefit Party- 7 December 2008
Honor Your Professional Legacy
OWA Annual Business Meeting Summary
2008 Annual Retreat: Watercolor Journaling
2008 OWA Calendar

Sep/Oct 2008
Editors Note
Early Careers in Architecture: a Panel Presentation
A Visit with Julia Morgan
Mui Ho: Something to share with all my OWA friends
A Reminder About Additions to the OWA Web Site

May/Jun 2008
Featured Members: Wendy Bertrand, Susan Hershman
Christ the Light Cathedral Tour Photos
Summer Reading
Call for InDesign Expertise
A Reminder About Additions to the OWA Web Site

Mar/Apr 2008
One Women Architect's Journey: Ireland
Spenders vs. Savers: Financial Planning with Gregory Hannah
Architectural Tour: Cathedral of Christ the Light
New Steering Committee Member: Darlene Jang
Call for Entries: The XVI Pan-American Biennale
The Path of an Artist: Painting Tour of France
Additions to the OWA Website.

Jan/Feb 2008
Two for One on Tuesday, February 5th!
Membership Renewal
Book Review: Letters from Women in Architecture
OWA Holiday Party Photos
New Steering Committee Members
Off the Calendar: Potential OWA Tours
On the Calendar
Additions to the OWA Website.

Sep/Oct 2007
Westerbeke Retreat
Norwegian Council on Accessibility
IAWA and Sigrid's Bequest
Photos from Retreat
Hello from Women in Architecture
OWA Annual Planning Meeting
California Building Code 2007
OWA Calendar Sep/Oct 2007

Jul/Aug 2007
In Memoriam: Vera E. Jansone (1915-2004)
New Book on Green Architecture
Postcard from Vietnam
The Greening of
Retreat Reminder
Announcement: UFIA Conference in Bucharest
Annual Planning Meeting
OWA Calendar Jul/Aug 2007

Mar/Apr 2007
Prepare for the Inevitable
The Russ Building
The San Francisco Conservatory of Music at the Civic Center
Update: Health Net Lawsuit
Hats Off, Hands Together for...
Yahoo! Group
Task Force

Jan/Feb 2007
Estate Planning with Nancy Jarvis
Travelogue from the Editor
My Favorite Things
Informal Group Events
OWA Annual Donation
Yahoo! Group
Holiday Benefit Party
On the Move
Newest Steering Committee Member
2007 OWA Calendar

Nov/Dec 2006
Annual Retreat at Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma
Memorial Bench Donation
OWA Annual Donation
Steering Committee Adieu
Steering Committee Solicitation
Yahoo! Group
December Holiday Benefit Party

Sep/Oct 2006
Lighting Tour of BMS and Nevitot Shalom
My Heart Attack
OWA Retreat Reminder
Photos from OWA's Housing for Nicaragua Meeting

Jul/Aug 2006
Housing for Nicaragua
OWA Member Nan Croley (1939 – 2006)
New Steering Committee Members
XV Quito Architecture Biennale
In Search Of...

May/Jun 2006
Nan Croley (1939-2006)
Architectural Tour of the de Young Museum
North Beach Citizens: A Neighborhood Model to End Homelessness
OWA Mentorship Mixer
Special Thanks
Steering Committee
OWA Yahoo Group

Mar/Apr 2006
How I Became an Architectural Tour Guide
OWA Mentorship Program - Guidelines
February's Meeting - Universal Design
Of Interest: Third Annual Bay-Friendly Garden Tour
Steering Committee
In Search of...

Jan/Feb 2006
Accessibility and Universal Design Presentation
Your Dues are Due
OWA Web Site Improvements
Holiday Benefit Party
OWA Mentorship Program
Steering Committee
Meeting General Information

Nov/Dec 2005
2005 Retreat: Space, Place and Grace
December's Holiday Benefit Party
October's Meeting on Acoustical Design
New Steering Committee Members
In Search of...
Of Interest: Green Dollhouse Project
OWA Health Insurance Update

Sep/Oct 2005
Do We Have Your Email Address?
Program 100: Overview of Acoustical Design
OWA's August Book Exchange
Hidden Treasures in Peru
Upcoming Events

Jul/Aug 2005
Jul/Aug 2005 (scanned)

May/Jun 2005
Do We Have Your Email Address?
Socially Responsible Investing
Donation to the Conservatory of Flowers
Website and Yahoo Groups Update
Ecological Planning in Tibet
Upcoming Events
Grants for Research on Women in Architecture
Meeting General Information
Photos from the Private Tour of the Conservatory of Flowers

Mar/Apr 2005
Do We Have Your Email Address?
This Old Conservatory
Director of the Conservatory of Flowers: SCOT D. MEDBURY
Join the OWA Yahoo Group
Your Dues are Due
Looking for SWAM Firms
Mahoney Architects named winner
Meeting General Information
Orit Yanai's Earth Plaster Wall Finish Demonstration
sc meeting

Jan/Feb 2005
Do We Have Your Email Address?
Earth Plaster Wall Finishes: Demonstration
Greenbuild goes to Portland
Join the OWA Yahoo Group
Your Dues are Due
Julia Morgan Birthday Party: January 20, 2005
Documenting the Dammed
Meeting General Information
Annual Meeting and Holiday Benefit Party

Nov/Dec 2004
Six Programs for Defeating Homelessness
Holiday Benefit Party
OWA Health Insurance
We Want Your Email Address
The Miracle of Ghee
New Steering Committee Members
Documenting the Dammed
Snapshots from the 2004 OWA Retreat

Sep/Oct 2004
South China Vernacular Architecture
Obligations to Persons with Disabilities
OWA Health Insurance
We Want Your Email Address
2004 Annual LEADD* Dinner
Groundbreaking Women in Construction

Jul/Aug 2004
In Memoriam - Sigrid Lorenzen Rupp, 1943-2004
OWA Health Insurance
Annual OWA Retreat : Westerbeke Ranch Sep 17-19
Profile: Jill Pilaroscia

May/Jun 2004
OWA Scholarship for AAUW Tech Trek at Mills
Shades of Green
Photos of Filoli Garden
New and Old Steering Committee Members
Strong Women Summit June 4-6

Mar/Apr 2004
Filoli Garden Tour
Asian Art Museum: Architectural Tour
The Changing Faces of Architecture
RIBA: Why do women leave architecture?
New Steering Committee Members
Wanted: OWA Archival Material

Jan/Feb 2004
Editor's Note
OWA Program: Mediation in Construction
Mignon O'Young Photography Exhibit Reception
Ugly Food in Beautiful Barcelona
Film Recommendation: "MY ARCHITECT"
Space for Rent
Steering Committee News

Nov/Dec 2003
Editor's Note
Holiday Benefit Party
Gala Dinner at Treasue Island
Bay to Breakers -- run run run
Ecuador Trip
Symposium at UC Berkeley Recap
Keeping in Touch in Barcelona
Steering Committee News

Sep/Oct 2003
Editor's Note
Symposium Reminder: Toward an Engaged Architecture
A Nontraditional Career

Jul/Aug 2003
Editor's Note
OWA Program - Tour of Berkeley Central Library
Anniversary Ecuador Trip
History of the OWA
The OWA Symposium - Toward an Engaged Architecture

May/Jun 2003
Editor's Note
San Francisco Bay to Breakers
OWA Gala Dinner Recap
OWA Gala Dinner Photos Available
Orit Yanai – Special Effects in Painting
Visit ArchVoices

Mar/Apr 2003
Editor's Note
OWA Program - Tuesday 22 April 2003
Update on 30th Anniversary Celebration
30th Anniversary Bay to Breakers Run
September Symposium Planning
Symposium Program
OWA Anniversary Retreat
Recap of February Meeting

Jan/Feb 2003
Editor's Note
2003 Calendar
2003 Anniversary OWA Retreat
Notes From Barcelona
Wanted: Long-Lost OWA Members
OWA Finances
Tricia Felber on Interior Art and Design - Feb 11
OWA 30th Anniversary Gala Party
Steering Committee Note

Nov/Dec 2002
Editor's Note
Upcoming OWA Events
2003 Calendar
Trip to Ecuador
30th Anniversary Gala Party
Symposium Speaker Profiles
Member Profiles

Sep/Oct 2002
Editor's Note
Trip to Ecuador
Upcoming OWA Events
Space Available to Share
Steering Committee Note

Jul/Aug 2002
Editor's Note
Third Milka Bliznakov Prize Competition
International Archive of Women in Architecture
Book Review: Designing for Diversity
Member Interview: Margaret Chu
May Meeting: "Ono Maz" Restaurant
Tricia on Plastering
Steering Committee Note
July Meeting: Darlene Jang, Speaker

May/Jun 2002
Editor's Note
Upcoming OWA Events
Laura Eichel bids farewell
30th Anniversary Celebration
The New OWA Web Site!
Member Interview - Rosemary Muller
Member Interview - Patricia McGowan
OWA May Event - Omo Maze Restaurant
OWA June Event -Fairyland
Members' News

Mar/Apr 2002
Editor's Note
The New OWA Website!
OWA March Event - Green Buildings
OWA May Event - Ono Maze Restaurant
Review of January Event - Yerba Buena Tower
OWA 30th Anniversary Celebration Update
Member Interview - Helen Degenhardt
Member Interview - Joy Ohashi
May/June 2002

May/Jun 1989
Paint Them Red and Yellow, Blue and Green
Cohousing: A Contemporary Approache to Housing Ourselves
ArtMarin: A Pproposesd Ccontemporary Art Center, San Geronirno, CA.
Few Women Architectural Faculty at UCB
General Meeting Raises Questions
Woman Working for Women Architects
Back by Popular Demand: OWA Mid-career Retreat
Money, Money, Money
Jane Tanfield Memorial Scholarship
IAWA Seeking Women's Manuscripts
June Meeting: "Project Management and Business Development"
OWA Summer Picnic
Steering committee

May/Jun 1982
MAY (scanned)
JUNE (scanned)

Mar/Apr 1982
MARCH (scanned)
APRIL (scanned)

Jan/Feb 1982
JANUARY (scanned)
FEBRUARY (scanned)

Nov/Dec 1976
NOVEMBER (scanned)
DECEMBER ((scanned)

Sep/Oct 1976
OCTOBER (scanned)

Jan/Feb 1976
JANUARY (scanned)

Jan/Feb 1975
San Francisco Meeting Location
South Bay Meeting Location
December and Us
Architectural Equivalency Exam
Info for California women who wish tor retain their own name
A must for every liberated archtect/DP
More Contest Info
Design in Steel Award Program
Asian Women's Journal
Happy 1975

May/Jun 1974
Agenda for May 20, 1974 Meeting
West Coast Women's Design Conference
Committee Coordinators
Job Openings
Still more to come

Mar/Apr 1974
Hanging Sculptures by RUTH ASAWA
March 18th meeting Location in San Francisco
Library for Exam Preparation
March Calendar
April Calendar
Election Results
Where Do We Go From Here?
Women Students in Engineering double this year
Minority Graduate Enrollment Rising
'Shocking' Lag In Women's Pay
Organization of Women Architects Photo
April Meeting Location Map
Program for The April Meeting
Mock Design Exam for Members
OWA Sterring Commitee
Notes of the March Meeting
Program of the May meeting
West Coast Women's Design Conference
Scholarship Information
Book Review
Spring Lectures 1974
New Women's Paper to Fill Gap in Bay Area Journalism
"I wanted to do more than push pancakes"
Current Mailing List
Money Talks

Jan/Feb 1974
Meeting location map January 21, 1974
Steering Committee
December Meeting record
More about the Steering Committee
List of Members
Mailing list beyond members
January & February OWA Calendar
West Coast Women's Design Conference
Two Book Reviews
Agenda: OWA meeting Monday, February 25, 1974
January minutes
Licensing Exams info
Structural Seminars
OWA Library
Steering Committee
Dues are Due
Financial Report $$$$$$$
Where Do We Go From Here?????????

Nov/Dec 1973
NOVEMBER (scanned)
Meeting Location
Agenda for November 19, 1973 meeting
Summary of October 15 Meeting
Steering committee members with phone numbers
Julia Morgan Threatened
From the East: Design Critic job opening at Cornell
Work as Study
Publish or Persih OWA Newsletters
November Calendar
Ratifying the Articles of Incorporation
DECEMBER (scanned)
Map to December Meeting
Agenda for December 17, 1973
Steering Committee
First Letter to the Editor
Job listings as of December 6.
Summary of November 19th Meeting
AIA Task Force on Women
Design Competition
Building for Women Artists in Chicago
December-January-February Calendars
Course on Women & Architecture
Students Join OWA!
Construction Dictionary
Julia Morgan Lecture
Steering Committee Roles Defined
Letter from Illinois Architect Mrs. Whitman

Sep/Oct 1973
Agenda September 13, 1973 OWA Meeting
Bay Area Engineering Societies Committee for Manpower Training, Inc.
Thursdays for Meetings
Women's Place Under California Law
It Is Your Newsletter
OCTOBER (scanned)
Meeting Location
Summary of September Meeting
OWA Directory
Steering Committee
OAE call for support
Career Consultants Needed
Research on Julia Morgan
Nom de Femme
October Calendar

Jul/Aug 1973
JULY (scanned)
Paffard Clay to speak on The Nature of Materials
Design Competition
Job Information
Communications: TV
Educational Program: a Proposal
Money, Dues, etc
Affirmative Action
The NCARB Exam
The Steering Comittee
August 9, Meeting Agenda
Design Competition
Steering Committee

May/Jun 1973
First OWA Election at this meeting in Berkeley
Election, Planning, Affirmative action, and AIA Convention
Affirmative action, AIA Convention, By-laws, Steering committee
Election of Steering Committee
Steering Committee elected
Finances for A.I.A. convention booth
Communication and Public Relations (PR)
San Francsico Chronicle article May 8, 1973
Note on Employment
Search for lawyer for tax exempt status
We encourage you to contact us with your suggestions & informations

Mar/Apr 1973
Agenda and Dolores Hayden: her experiences with WALAP
Meeting Location
Fani Hansen: her work at Anshen & Allen, Architects
Some News of Interest

Jan/Feb 1973
NOVEMBER 1972 (scanned)
First gathering and attendance list
Invitation and Map to Second Gathering
Organization Purposes and Structure Diagram
Topics Discussed at Gathering #2
Join Us!: Our Third meeting announcement
Beverly Willis Speaks
Organization of Women Architects (OWA) name chosen

OWA Newsletters form 1972 through 2001 are currently being archived. The beginning of the work is here. If you would be interested in translating the newsletters from paper to digital form, please let us know.
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