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Newsletter | Jan/Feb 1975

Volume 3:1
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In this issue:
San Francisco Meeting Location - M.C. Haviland and N. Bennett
South Bay Meeting Location - M.C. Haviland and N. Bennett
December and Us - M. Haviland
Architectural Equivalency Exam - Education Committee (Nancy Bennett and Linda Matthews)
Info for California women who wish tor retain their own name - Center for a Woman's Own Name in California
A must for every liberated archtect/DP - The Liberated Woman's Appointment Calendar
More Contest Info - M. Haviland
Asian Women's Journal - VOL 1, No 1, October 1974
Happy 1975 - Steering Committee
FEBRUARY - S. Schopman


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San Francisco Meeting Location

by M.C. Haviland and N. Bennett    |    Share #756

Monday, 20 January,, 1975
6:30 Buffet Dinner $1.00
Wine .50

7:30 Announcements, Business

7:45 Program

With a B.S. in Architecture from the U. of Cincinnati in 1967, Carol
Memado now finds herself the ower of a toy manufacturing business
called CHILD TODAY. The past seven years have seen Carol in many capacities - from Litton Industries to Community Development
self-help programs in Venezuela and Columbia.

Though her business comes first., her latest venture has been vocational education counseling which is her motive in her discussion of "Alternative Approaches to using a Traditional Architectural Training." She prepared and gave a lecture series at Pratt Institute on this same subject.

8:45 Discussion

Place: Cathy Simon , 17 Beaver St.,San Francisco 626-1641
Chair: Ruth Kleinman, 928-1537

South Bay Meeting Location

by M.C. Haviland and N. Bennett    |    Share #757

Place: Alice Fikes' home, 180 N. Balsimina (Ladera)
Chair: Alice Fikes
Tuesday January 14, 1975
6:30 Buffet Supper$1.00 Wine .50
7:30 Announcements
7:45 Program:

Pat Noda, an architect, and one of our own, will give an overview of "What's Happening in Interior Design at San Jose State University", She is presently 'helping to prepare a new program in the department and is eager to get our input. The Interior Design Department is not presently accredited but Pat's enthusiasm and direction may be just what they need. An added feature of her talk will be a slide presentation of projects undertaken this past fall, We encourage all SJSU.alums to attend and participate!


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January 7 - Seminar "Building Your Own House" with and at Christie
Coffin's home
January 10 - Steering Committee Retreat, Asilomar
January 14 - South Bay Meeting, Alice Fikes' home
January 20 - North Bay Meeting
January 27 - Seminar, "Legal Matters's Sandy Schopman's
February 4 - Seminar, "Earthquake Design". at and with Ruth Schnapp
February 11- South Bay Meeting
February 24- Business Seminar
February 17-North Bay Meeting

and this is just the beginning of the year!

Tuesday, 4 February 1975, 7:30 Pm
Tuesday, 28 January 1975, 7:00 Pm

Place: Sandy Schopman's 1457 Jones St., San Francisco
Our guest is Ms. Shirley Yawitz, Lawyer, Coffee will be served; please Sandy to reserve a place, members free, non-members $3.00.
At Ruth's 726 23rd Ave.(between Fulton and Cabrillo) San Francsico
Ruth Schnapp is a Senior Structural Engineer with the Office of Architecture and Construction, State of California, Her seminar will deal with Titles 17 and 21, and the UBC as they apply to earthquake design, For those of you taking the Architectural Equivalency Exam in June., Ruth will be happy to answer questions, Please bring problems and code along.LIMIT is 15. contact Nancy Bennett for your reservation: 365-1035.

WOMEN'S VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE is offering some Interesting courses and workshops like dual Discrimination and Racial Minority , working Mother, Business Games, etc. Call them or write for full schedule and fees: :
593 Market Street, Suite 516
San Francisco CA 94105
(415) 495-8044
BE A SUPPORTING member of the S.F. WOMEN'S CENTER for a mere $5.00 Write them, contributions are tax deductible (for that last tax shelter you sought): they also need donations of office supplies, folding chairs, and tools for their press, not to mention all the support they can get

63 Brady Street
San Francisco CA. 94103


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Architect-Urban Designer with combined experience in both architecture and planning. ROMA, 405 Sansome, SF CA 94111 (415) 'Send resume to Gordon Dey 392-3730

Planner III, 2 years experience in planning research; degree from university in planning landscape or environmental science.

Planning Aide (paraprofessional) 3 years secretarial, technical, or related experience and 2 years education in planning, public administration or business administration or closely related fields.

Supply clerk Association of Bay Area Govts. Hotel Claremont, Berkeley, give them a call (415) 841-9730

Associate Planner Exam, applications due by Jan 16, 1975 4pm to City of Berkeley, Personnel Dept. 2100 Grove, Berkeley,Ca 94704 (415) 644-6460

December and Us

by M. Haviland    |    Share #759

Last meeting was a lively and welcome change from our usual. First, Sigrid Rupp's house overwhelmed us; the food polished our palates, and then we got down to business. Elections were short and sweet; see cover page for who's new on the Steering Committee.

And then*.* DANCE CIRCLE AROUND MUSIC, the program presented by an improvisational dance/music group began. They call themselves RIPE FRUIT:
Dancers - Zandie Acton, Gail Thompson, Jim Fizdale
Guitarists - Joe Dolce, Willie B. Hart

Warming up, then warming out to us, and filling the room with their sensations for our sensations, it was indescribably delicious!!! Our feelings reflected their impressions and expressions, and we were
delighted. If you get a chance to see them, do; they're highly recommended by us! And please tell'em we sent you!

Architectural Equivalency Exam

by Education Committee (Nancy Bennett and Linda Matthews)    |    Share #767

Taking the Architectura1 Equivalency Exam in June? The Education
Committee will be assembling some information and getting it out to interested members. We will help you with such items as: text tabbing, structural seminars, a mock design problem. with simulated environment. We have the Architectural License Seminar in our library and it will be going out on loan. We will try to let you a mechanical engineer and let you know about any scheduled seminars in the greater Bay Area. This is one of the many commitments which the OWA/DP makes for its members. 'de feel that one of the ways to succeed in the profession is to stick together and help each other..after all, isn't that why the OWA/DP is around?

Info for California women who wish tor retain their own name

by Center for a Woman's Own Name in California    |    Share #769

Send $31.00 and a self addressed stamped legal size envelope to:
Pat Montandon, 999 Green Street, San Francisco, 94133
Here is a good book: too
By Una Stannard Paperback $2.00 +.25 for shipping , Hardback $4.95 + ..50 for shipping
Make checks payable to:
GERMAIN BOOKS, 91 St. Germain Ave. SF, 94114

A must for every liberated archtect/DP

by The Liberated Woman's Appointment Calendar    |    Share #772


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Happy January! A new year, a new year, a new name for ourselves, and a competition for a new newsletter format and letterhead... things are off with a bang. So as the initial shock wears off, and the dust dies down, get ready to hover over your drawing boards once again, and draw up some ideas for this CONTEST. We're a professional organization (need I remind you?) with incredible talent and ability. We've also just changed our name, and it is hoped that many members will enter their pet ideas to refine the newsletter design and make it economical in one good jump. The fluctuation of the economy has driven printing prices up, so our printing costs are exceeding the amount we take in on subscriptions.
Purpose: Design Newsletter Format and/or Stationary for the
Organization of Women Architects/Design Professionals

1. COST. Check price of printing one month's issues of about 250, but not including mailing cost. We are researching bulk mailing rates, so mailing cost should be ready to change soon anyway. Extra costs include reduction of printed matter, collating, and the cover sheet. In the past, we have used Postal Instant Press, Speedway, and Quality Offset as sources, so you night start by calling them,
2. CONVENIENCE. This should be a format easily used by all OWA/DP members who submit articles for publication.
3. COST, More...We need the most copy, or at least the same amount in the least expensive mode.
4. FLEXIBILITY. Something every monthly editor (which changes regularly as each Steering Committee member must assemble one} can use as a guide or format, which will retain interest as well
Wide black lines can't be handled well by the least expensive printing techniques. - The least expensive printing required a 3/8" margin all around the text. While these are limitations of the technique, we are forced by financial necessity to honor them. - Newsletter sould be a convenient "purse or pocket" size. - Each page should be dated for future reference - If you are designing base sheets, a once-a-year printing cost is incurred; likewise for a stick-on type logo. Only figure this in yearly, not once-a-month.

More Contest Info

by M. Haviland    |    Share #761


1,WHAT IT IS. Letterhead, second sheet, envelope, and business card.
2.RELATIONSHIP TO NEWSLETTER, This must reflect similar characteristics in terms of logo, composition, continuity,
3.COST. For example, per 200, what is the minimum for printing the letterhead, second sheet, etc. USABILITY. In your entry, include a typical letter, an addressed envelope with return address for the
OWA/DP...consider this a point of design commitment and continuity,
What we want is not necessarily final art, but solid sketch design that is comprehensible. For stationary design, sample of paper stock and ink color would be preferred. Depending upon the design solutions received, we may be combining the best elements from several submissions for our final newsletter and stationary format.
DEADLINE is FEBRUARY 11,1975, Please take solutions to South Bay Meeting on that date, or mail to our P.O. Box 26570 SF 94126. In case of a last minute hassle, call Janet Crane at 966-8337.
PRIZE to be announced at a later date. Final decisions to be made by Steering Committee and interested parties, not at a general meeting. Your involvement will be most appreciated., and we'd love any additional suggestions.

Design in Steel Award Program

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Design In Steel Award, Program Is designed to give recognition to those Individuals or teams of participating designers, architects, engineers -and art1sts who have made outstanding design in steel come to life. To enter you need only to have designed and offered for sale any product, structure, composite or work of art completed after January 1, 1972. Awards will be offered in many categories including: Furniture and furnishings, housing, low rise construction, high rise construction,Public works construction, fine art and crafts in steel. Deadl1ne Is January 31, 1975. For entry form and more Info write:
Third Ave. New York, N.Y. 10017

Asian Women's Journal

by VOL 1, No 1, October 1974    |    Share #763

The first Asian Women's Journal was published in 1971 by Asian Studies at U,C. Berkeley, It is still being sold and continues to have impact on new readers. But four years is a long time, and four years have passed without any new publication written by, and dealing with Asian Women. Putting together a second Journal has been on the minds of many women; for our awareness and perspectives have grown and changed. It is time for a new Journal.

The last Journal was one of common experiences. It was self contained with a beginning and an end. Some women have suggested a journal that leaves room for continuity - maybe a series on Asian women in professions, in the family, in American society.

There are many women in this area, in L.A., in New York, and scattered across the country who have so much talent, Perhaps the Journal could be a magnet,, a focal point for shared efforts and pooling talent. If you have experience in graphics, printing, photography, journalism, if you have articles you wish to publish, if you write poetry., prose, if you are an artist, if you wish to learn with us, let us know: 549-0635
Asian Women's Center
2502 Dwight Way #1
Berkeley, California 94704

Happy 1975

by Steering Committee    |    Share #764

Steering Committee meetings are a gas!!!! The talk is lively, jokes free flowing, and even some business gets done! This month's talk was:
- A discussion of the Steering Committee retreat.
- Programs for 2 months. Chair people are Feb, Lucy Lichtblau
.- March, Janet Crane
- Newsletter/Stationery Design Contest
- Bulk mailing
- A donation to N.O.W. from O.W.A./D.P.?
- So what's new next?

Education: Linda Matthews 324-9615 (work) 328-2200
Information: Cynthia Nichols, 467-6041,work) 781-4211
Money: Isabel King, 849-4443, (work) 981-1555
Employment: Ruth Kleinman 928-1537
Publicity: Susan Dunlop
Archived by Wendy Bertrand June 2012

And welcome to the working class ....


by S. Schopman    |    Share #771

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