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Newsletter | Mar/Apr 1974

Volume 2:2
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In this issue:
Where Do We Go From Here? - Attorieys Ann Ginger, Kathleen Courts, and Owen O'Donnell
Women Students in Engineering double this year - The Monday Paper vol 2 No 15/ Feb 4 1974
Minority Graduate Enrollment Rising - The Monday Paper vol 2 No 20 March 11, 1974
'Shocking' Lag In Women's Pay - Peter Weisser, San Francisco Chronicle Feb 9, 1974
Employment - Ilana Rosenfeld and Linda Murphy
APRIL - M.C. Haviland
April Meeting Location Map - Suzan Swabacker
West Coast Women's Design Conference - University of Oregon April 18-20, 1974
Book Review - Pat Noda
Spring Lectures 1974 - Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, Berkeley
New Women's Paper to Fill Gap in Bay Area Journalism - Nancy Nielsen a reprint source not named
"I wanted to do more than push pancakes" - Karen House source not given SF Chronicle?
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Money Talks - Steering Committee


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Hanging Sculptures by RUTH ASAWA

 Share #775

Special guest and speaker. She is known for such local works such as he Mermaid Fountain in Giradelli Square and the fountain in front of the Hyatt Hotel on Union Square.

March 18th meeting Location in San Francisco

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Janet Crane's House, 460 Vallejo Street, SF 986-8337

By Bus from East Bay terminal walk 2 blocks east to Mission & Main, catch 41 UNION bus. Off at columbus & Vallejo By car take Embarcadero Freeway to Broadway Exit. ( This Freeway has been removed since)

Library for Exam Preparation

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If you are planning to take the June Licensing Exam take note of the following materials in our library. For more information call our librarian, Yung-Ling Chen, at 843-2263.
Architectural License Seminars. Design. 1972
ALS. Building equipment. 1971
ALS. Building Construction
ALS. Crash Seminar Notebook 1969
ALS. Examination Handbook 1. 1969
ALS. History & Theory, (Examination C) Notes on the 1973 Exam
ALS. Crash Seminar Notes
ALS Principles of planning & Land Use
ALS Professional Administration
"Subject Outline NCARB Equivalency Exam."
ALS. Site & Design. 1973
ALS. 1973 Study Guide

We would like to thank Wendy Bertrand in particular for her donation of the last six items on our Bibliography. There is one item missing and that is Structural Design by Architectural License Seminar. If anyone can providethe library with a copy, please come

March Calendar

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7-30pm~OAE ORGANIZATION OF ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING EMPLOYEES, monthly meeting. Sponsoring SPUR which will present a discussion "Rehabilitation vs Renewal." First Unitarian Church, Francklin Street at Geary Blvd. SF Call 397-7235

7:45pm BAY AREA WOMEN PLANNERS meeting on the topic of
Transportation 503 Greewich Street SF
CALL Leslie Wells at 433-4814

3:30pm CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS INSTITUTE is holding their 7th Annual Building Products Fair at the Showplace at 2 Kansas Street in SF

9am-5pm CCAIA presents Selling Professional Services II Seminar. Speaker is Weld Coxe, San Francisco Airport Hilton, Call 986-0759

6:00pm OWA, ORGAIZATION OF WOMEN ARCHITECTS meeting at Janet Crane's House, 460 Vallejo, SF this month Call 986-8337 or 391-4178

6:30pm to 9pm AIA/CSI Producer's Council sponsoring a Continuing Education Seminar on Steel. Hayatt Regency Hotel, SF Room "A" 5 Embarcadero Center, Fee $2. Call 362-73f97


7pm SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF ART FILM SERIES "Lucia" a Cuban film about women's problems in Cuba during three period, 1895,1933, and mid 1960s. $1.50. McAllister Stree at Van Ness SF Call 863-8800

"Dada to Surrealism." The work of Miro, Arp, Klee, Magritte, Dali, Giacometti is shown and discussed. See above for address.

April Calendar

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7:30pm OAE ORGANIZATION OF ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING EMPLOYEES.meeting, see March calendar for address

7pm NOW- NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN meeting. First Unitarian Church, Franklin Street at Geary Blvd. SF Call 398-6312

7:45pm BAY AREA WOMEN PLANNERS meeting with topic of "Planners
& Political Analysis." 434 65th Street, Oakland. Call Ruth Friedlander at 653-5765

9am-5pm CCAIA presneting" Environmental Impact Seminar." speaker, William Dilinger. SF Airport Hilton Hotel Fee $85. Call Kathy Krisger at 986-0759

6:30pm-9pm AIA seminar " Masonry." See March 21


WEST COAST WOMEN'S DESIGN CONFERENCE University of Oregon. Registration fee $15 for professionals, $5 for students. Call (503) 686-3631, or evenings (505) 345-2105 or (503) 345-1623.

Election Results

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PUBLICITY Marian Haviland 668-1034
Assistant Gwenn Wright 548-6572

EDUCATION: Christie coffin 843-5497
Assistant Janice Birkeland 849-0288

EMPLOYMENT: Ilana Rosenfeld
Assistant Liinda Murphy 845-8213

MONEY: Wendy Bertrand 655-4080
Assistant Pat Noda 854-2482

INFORMATION: Corinne Moor Spingarn 658-4403
Assistant Dolores Malloy 658-5010

ARCHIVIST from original to website June 2012 Wendy Bertrand

Where Do We Go From Here?

by Attorieys Ann Ginger, Kathleen Courts, and Owen O'Donnell    |    Share #780

Last month the OWA newsletter carried a draft letter which we proposed to send to 2OO or 300 of the largest architectural firms in the Bay Area. The purpose of the letter was to establish contact with the firms to improve hiring practices regarding women.
As a result of the input from the three attorneys at our last meeting, we have revised the letter to be more specific about women's rights and our aims.
The new draft is included here for your review.


Don't write Ann Landers or see your dentist. Refer to.,
(1) "Women's Job Rights Advocate Handbook", available from the YWCA, 620 Sutter Street, San Francisco, telephone: 7754500, for $2.00.

(2) To complain under federal legislation, call for a complaint form, the first step in legal recourse and a good idea even if you do not intend to pursue the issue further: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ! District Office, 1095 Market Street, San Francisco, telephone 556-0260,

(3) For complaints regarding rights under state law; California State Fair Employment Practice Commission, 455 Golden Gate Avenue, SF, call 557-2005

(4) OWA Legal Aid. Marian Haviland, Publicity and Communications Representative for OWA, will soon .announce a female attorney who will be available to members for consultation, about women's rights.

Women Students in Engineering double this year

by The Monday Paper vol 2 No 15/ Feb 4 1974    |    Share #781

U of California

Minority Graduate Enrollment Rising

by The Monday Paper vol 2 No 20 March 11, 1974    |    Share #782

U of California

'Shocking' Lag In Women's Pay

by Peter Weisser, San Francisco Chronicle Feb 9, 1974    |    Share #785

article too big.I need to work on


by Ilana Rosenfeld and Linda Murphy    |    Share #788

Organization of Women Architects
Box 26570
San Francisco, California 94126

[Name Of person]
[Name of firm!
[Street address)
(Clty, State, Zip Code)

Dear [Name of person]:
The Organization of Women Architects (OWA) is a non-prof it corporation whose members are women in architecture and realated fields in the Bay Area. Our main purposes are *to to aid the education, employment, communication professional excellence of women.who work or want to work in architecture.
As part of our employment endeavor, we are trying to increase the number of women employed by architects and to insure that their roles in the profession are commensurate with their abilities and experience.
Toward these ends, we have gathered and are continuing to enlarge a list of about 150 women in the Bay Area who represent a range of qualifications in architecture, graphics, landscape, and urban design.
Our organization has become a resource for women seeking new jobs, educational, opportunities, and contacts within the profession. A number of outside groups rely upon us for information about women in architecture in this Art!.
Many employers are unaware that they are obligated by law to hire a representative proportion of women if qualified applicant, exist, to pay women the same wages as men for equal work, and to employ a reasonable number of women at all levels in the firm. The laws guaranteeing these rights for women include the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Title 7; the California Fair Employment Practices Law and the Fair Pay Law Many employees in architecture and related fields appear to be unaware that women in this area have difficulty in attaining these rights. To improve this situation, we would like your cooperation in two ways.
First, a representative of OWA would like to meet with a member of
your firm responsible for hiring professional staff.,
Second, we would like for you to notify us when positions are available.

We will then furnish you with, a list of qualified women applicants and''-
advertise your position in our monthly newsletter.

To facilitate your response to this letter, we enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard. Please complete and return the card to us. We look forward to meeting with you and to improve not only the status of women but also the profession itself.

Sincerely yours,

Ilana Rosenfeld
Linda Murphey
Employment Representatives, Organization of Women Architects

Post card for them to return

To Organization of Women Architects, Box 26570, San Francisco, California 94126
From: Name of person, name of firm, full address

Yes or No
___ ____ We are interested in our employment program for women in architecture and related fields and will notify you when we have positions available. We have current opening for ___________

Yes or No
____ _____ We will meet with you to discuss hiring and promotion practices regarding women. Call Mr/Ms _______________________
at telephone __________________ to arrange a meeting.


Date ____________ Signature________________Position_________

Organization of Women Architects Photo

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click to enlarge


by M.C. Haviland    |    Share #798

April Meeting Location Map

by Suzan Swabacker    |    Share #799

844 Adams Street, Albany, California 94706

Program for The April Meeting

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6:30 - 7:15 Dinner-& socializing
7:15 - 7:30 Introduction to Workshops
7:30 - 8;30 Workshops
9:00 Group Discussion & Final Decisions.

The April meeting will be a work session which we hope to make as painless as possible, We have a number of different projects riding in the air that need just a little concentrated input and a final decision by our members before they can be activated. It has been decided to break up the group into 4 Workshops that will meet for an hour and afterwards the whole group will meet for further decision and voting. Please read the descriptions of the topics below and come ready to join one of the groups. Bring all your ideas and suggestions and for groups other than the one you are joining, jot down your suggestions beforehand and give them to the group leader. It is our intention to keep to the above schedule and hopefully the meeting will end shortly after nine.
1) Letter to Employers ~ group led by Illana Rosenfeld.
In order to get the letter mailed we have to make the final draft and have our membership vote an it. This will be the final rewrite session and every one having any Ideas for amending or rewording should join this session. They will also decide on the extent of the mailing and how to go about It. Then at 8:30 the complete membership will vote on their suggestions.

2) The Employment Committee - group, led by Linda Murphy
We need to formulate an information system to aid our
members in their search for employment, to aid employers that
want to hire women find women with the right qualifications and
to keep a record of the job histories of our members and firms
In the area to recognize and record possible discrimination.
This means keeping a professional history of each of our members
and collecting Information on the architectural firms in the bay
area. We would like to begin at the end of the meeting to collect Information from our members.
3) OWA Brochure for the AIA convention group led by Wendy Bertrand
The OWA Brochure at the last AIA Convention was very well
received and proved to be a very good way of communicating to the
profession that women were on the move, assuming proportionally
larger and an increasingly more vital part of the profession.
Corrine Spingirn, Sandy Schopman, and Wendy Bertrand are
interested in doing the same thing this year and they need your
4) Preparing for the June Exam group led by Christie Coffin.
Members planning to take the June exam will meet and discuss arrangements for the various ways of preparing for it.
Young-Ling will bring the various study materials from our library.

Ruth Schnapp, the let licensed woman 'structural engineer. has expressed her Interest An giving Individualized counseling and tutoring to those members interested.

Mock Design Exam for Members

 Share #801

Christie Coffin has set up a mock design exam to be held on May 19. 1974, in Room 104, Wurster Hall, Berkeley. The exam will last from 8:30 to 6:30, after which there will be a short jury with wine and cheese. A small fee
will be charged to cover expenses.


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Claire Cooper-Marcus of the University of California is scheduled for the June meeting. She will give a. presentation entitled The House as Expression Of Self.

A new traveling fellowship program was offered through the School of Environmental Design at U C Berkeley, available to students or people who had graduated within the last two years. Out of 29 applicants only 2 were women.If there is prejudice against the women in a case like this nothing can be proven numerically. Lets find out about fellowship and grant applications and encourage our friends to apply.

We need places to meet. If you have a house or office large enough for, our group please volunteer. We will have another member in charge of food and another in charge of clean up. If you can't offer a place please offer your services in these other areas. If each of our members volunteers for one thing once a year we would be set for that year

The next steering committee meeting will be on Sunday April 28 at 12 noon at Pat Noda's house, Car pools will be arranged

Corrine Spingarn is searching for old newsletters so that we will have a history of the organization. If you have save$ any of our old newsletters please contact her.

Job Openings- listed every month in the Job Finder Western Gov' t Research Assoc, 109 Moses Hall, U C Berkeley Ca. 94720. Subscription rates $8.00 per year.

1) Architect ($1,126-1,436) B. S. in Arch plus 4 years Architecture experience. Apply: Pima County Personnel Dept
151 W. Congress St., Tucson. Arizona, 85701

2) City Planner ($1,501- 1,836) College degree in planning or architecture. A preferred.5 years responsible professional experience in public planning including 2 years supervisory capacity. Apply Personnel Officer PO Box 711 South San Francisco, Ca. 94080

3) Assistant Planner ($940-1,440): College degree In architecture, planning or engineering plus 3 years. Pref. local planning experience. Apply City of Simi Valley Personnel 3200 Cochran St. ,Simi Valley, Ca (near LA)

4) Offices that may be hiring:
Anshen & Allen
Lawence Halprin
Garo Dorian
Backen, Arrigonio and Ross
The Design Co.

OWA Sterring Commitee

 Share #803

EDUCATION: Christie coffin 843-5497
Janice Birkeland 849-0288

EMPLOYMENT: Ilana Rosenfeld
Linda Murphy 845-8213

MONEY: Wendy Bertrand 655-4080
Pat Noda 854-2482

INFORMATION: Corinne Moor Spingarn 658-4403
Dolores Malloy 658-5010

PUBLICITY: Marian Haviland 668-1034
Gwen Wright 548-6572

ARCHIVIST from original to website August 2012 Wendy Bertrand

Notes of the March Meeting

by M. Haviland    |    Share #806

Well, ladies and (not to exclude our other readers) friends. this month was a gem. We met, ate, and chatted with the usual glorious vigor, and eventually settled to the meeting Itself. Many new faces again, and after an introduction all around* we began a listening journey with Ruth Asawa.

Now this lady, Ruth Asawa, a very well known San Francisco artist and Art Commisioner comes quietly but with an art explosion., The wonder of it all is the continuation, the ongoing experience she basks in, making art her life. and her life an art. So. without going to any great lengths 'to bring her art to us in relationship with architecture. she left it up to us. And in the quietness of her Oriental subtlety, she and spoke of her life, and work. and involvement.

Perhaps one wouldn't call Black Mountain College a miracles perhaps the practicing artists who came to teach for $5 a month and room & board weren't luxuriating in inspirational happenings, But a student was welcome to come and learn, no degree was granted, no jobs were guaranteed. Work-study was anintegrated function of the programming for the times, this -was a revolution in education. Ruth mentioned artists. writers, thinkers people we respect for their work who attended
Black Mountain College. Josef Albers took achance -- and succeeded -- with a school thatbroke the rules.

Somehow continuing to break the rules Ruth Asawa came to San Francisco with her architect husband choosing not to go commercial she decided to experiment, to work to understand materials. And that she did. One can't begin to describe the efforts and achievements of an artist who believes in art -- but maybe this is difficult to describe the theories and philosophies of this same artist,. She stressed not having a job, she could be labled a housewife, but her approach is such that work and family go together -- separation divides a family, and thus her children work with her and her husband. The family as nucleus is always there for her.
Perhaps that was part of the reasoning for her entering the schools to work with children. She says of herself that she is a mother first. and that It was her intent to apply what she had learned at Black Mountain College.More involvement was needed, the problem was the children and their environment, and school plays such a vital role in the growing minds of the young. Hence, volunteer programs involving both parents and children at their environment using and/ or based on artists whose spiritual lives depended on being artists were.established In schools. As the children painted the walls., everyone,involved gained from the experience.

The rewards seen great; while Ruth Asawa does not claim that the reading level has gone up. she stressed the necessities of sharing. love. adventure. discovery. and all part of the art experience. And without this enrichment, how can a school, a neighborhood, an entire city be alive and healthy?

Along the traverses of her life. she has discovered how to handle a busy life and be involved. She emphasized that while agreeing with the equal work. equal pay demand which women have made. she hoped we would remember some of the simple things of our heritage as woman. Pickling. making Jan. baking bread, and garden, without slowing our rush Into the business world, are vital parts of our already active lives.

Personally, I'm hoping for the 48-hour dayl

See you In April!

Program of the May meeting

 Share #807

The program for OWA's May meeting will be a repeat of a workshop by Pat Noda from the West Coast Women's Design Conference. "The Magic Number" to that figure at the bottom of the line which tells a developer/investor how much the project can cost and be economically viable. It is important for us as architects to understand the various factors which contribute to the formulation of that number, both as agents of the client/ developer and possibly as developers ourselves.

West Coast Women's Design Conference

by University of Oregon April 18-20, 1974    |    Share #805

We wold like to follow up our first letter to you concerning the West Coast Women's Design Conference with more extensive information about the program and other important details regarding this event. Enclosed is the registration form which should be returned by March 25 to insure your place in the conference.

We are excited about the positive response in our fist mailing. Women from all over the country are planning to attend. Several women, well known in their design field, will give presentations and workshops. Principal speakers will include:: Denise Scott-Brownj a teacher at Yale and a partner with Venturi and Rauch, Gertrude Lempp Kerbis. a practicing architect with her own firm in Chicago; Sheila De Bretteville. A designer from Los Angeles who has been actively leading a feminist design studio~ Joan Sprague, partner in an all woman architectural office in Cambridge Massachusetts; and Clare Cooper, environmental sociologist, city planner and teacher at Berkeley.

Afternoon: 1:00 Registration in Lobby, Lawrence Hall
Orientation of Workshop Leaders
Evening: 7:00- 9:00 Conference Opening
Slide Presentation: Great Women Artists
by J.J. Wilson & Karen Petersen, Sonoma State, California

Morning: 9:00-12:00 Special Guest Presentations
12:00~ 1:30 Lunch
Afternoon; 1:10- 3:00 Workshops: Focus an issues
3:15- 5:00 Workshops.
5:00- 6:00 Reconvene - Synopses of Workshops
Evening: 6:00- 8:00 Dinner - Home Fried Truck Stop
- 8:00 10:010 Entertainment, Dessert, Tea

Morning- 9:00-10:00 Reconvene
16:30~12:00 Workshops: Focus on proposals
Afternoon. 12.-00- 1:30 Lunch
1:30- 3:00 Workshops
3:30- 4:30 Reconvene - Synopses of Workshops
4:30- 5:30 Denise Scott-Brown
5: 30 Conclusion

Although the conference officially ends Saturday afternoon, you are invited to stay on for informal gatherings Saturday night, and for the day on Sunday. These might include visits to Mount Angel, .Portland, or the Oregon coast, on the McKenzie River; cross country skiing.

Thia is a tentative list of issues we expect to explore in workshops. As the planning of the conference continues, we expect to add more topics. your suggestions will be welcome.

Sexisim: The Star System in.Architecture; Denise Scott-Brown, Philadelphia
Architecture: Male, Female or Neuter - the problems of role expectations in the practice of architecture; Gertrude Lempp Kerbis. Chicago.
Feminism and Design: Sheila de Bretttville, Los Angeles.
The Open Design Office:alternative, liberating architectural practice options for women and men; Joan Sprague, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The House as Symbol of Self: Clare Cooper,, Berkeleyt California.
Mothers of Invention; researching the history and work of women architects of the past; Lian Hurst and Gwen Wright, Berkeley; Karen Petersen, California State College, Sonoma.
Where Should Baskin-Robbins Be?; teaching urban design to elementary school. children; Judith Cruteher, Mill Valley, California.
Women in Construction; Cynthia Ripley, Portland, Oregon.
Sexist Soup; Tom Hubka, University of-Oregon.
Who Are We? consciousness raising for women.
Where Are We and Doing What?; an inside look at the AIA status of women commission; Judith Edelmann, New York.
Futurism and Utopias; Dolores Hayden, MIT.
"Should You Be an Architect?": are women being counselled away from environmental design? If so, what can ve do about it?
Women in the Professions; the American versus the European Experience.; Claire Forrest, Berkeley.
Professional Re-orientation and Re-education Carol Edelman, Portland, Oregon.
Sexism in the Built Environment; Ester Leong, University of Oregon
The Oregon Experiment; Chrlstopher Alexander's Patterns for the University of Oregon. Georgia Biizons,University of Oregon.

EXHIBITS In connection with the conference will be an exhibit by women designers organized by the University of Oregon Museum of Art.

RECRUITING Several universities have expressed interest interest in the possibility of sending representatives to the conference with the task of recruiting new women faculty to schools of architecture.

HOUSING A choice of provided in homes of students and faculty or in nearby motels. Please bring a sleeping bag if you plan on staying in a home.

TRANSPORTATION Eugene in served by plane. train and bus with good connections from Portland and San Francisco. After we have received the registration forms we might be able to forward names of participants within the same geographical area for coordination of travel.

Note: Important to any of our OWA members who attend, please collect information of all varieties: names and addresses of people you meet, photos and slides of exhibits, names of possible speakers for our meetings, anything that might be of interest to us (OWA). It would also be very good to have some articles by different people to publish in the OWA newsletter.

Scholarship Information

by Pat Noda    |    Share #808

Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the AIA will be awarding four different scholarships to architecture students. Requirements include having completed two years of the curriculum in architecture and being a
resident of Santa Clara County, but the student may be attending school anywhere in the country, I would like to submit the name of at least
one woman
for these scholarships, If you are aware of someone meeting the above qualifications please get in touch with Pat Noda 854-2482. Full particulars have not been announced at this time, but it is not too early to start looking. Thank you

Book Review

by Pat Noda    |    Share #809

The Woman's Eye

Edited by Anne Tucker Published by Knopf, N.Y.

This exciting review of ten very important women photographers and a sampling of their work is a book really worth owning. Anne Tuckert's
introduction explores the question of whether women's photography Is In fact different from men's. Is there perhaps a greater sensitivity
to the human situation?

She explores the obstacles encountered in pursuing the art form on the part of the ten Women reviewed and their resulting life styles.

Each of these women came from a different time and Place from (1934) through Sea Nettles (1946-).. Their art is dynamic and very individual as- are their lives.

Spring Lectures 1974

by Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, Berkeley    |    Share #810

Wednesday, April 3 --- 12 noon - 172 Wurster
PATRICK PURCELL, Senior Research Fellow, Royal College of Art- Views of Design Research at the Royal College of Art, London

Wednesday, April 3 --- 8 p.m. - 10 Evans
BUNJI KOBAYASHI, Professor of Architecture, Nihon University, Tokyo -Meiji Architecture

Thursday, April 4 --- 160 Kroeber
ROBERT IRWIN Sculptor, Los Angeles
A Definition of Abstraction (co-sponsors: Depts. of Art & Design)

Tuesday, April 9 --- 12 noon - 108 Wurster
HERBERT JACOBS, Biographer, Retired Lecturer in Journalism
The Frank Lloyd Wright We Knew

Tuesday, April 9 8 p.m. - 145 DwInelle
WILLIAM MACDONALD, Archaeologist, Prof. of Art History, Smith College, What Made a City Roman?

Thursday, April 11 --- 8-10p.m. -10 Evans
DAVID T. HICKS. Chairman, Moberly Tower, The University, Manchester, Citadels of the High Atlas Mountains and Moroccan Bones

Monday, April 15 --- I p.m- 145 Dewinelle
DAVID GEBHARD, Director of the Art Galleries, UC-Santa Barbara, Federal Imagery During the Depression

Tuesday April 17 --- 8pm - 10 Evans
LABELLE PAUSSIM, Assoc. Prof. of Architecture, UnIversity. of Michigan, Pillars and Paradigms of African Architecture: A Lesson for the Western World

Monday, April 22--- 8 p.m. - 160 Kroeber
JOAN FORRESTER SPRAGUE, Open Design Office, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Institutional Settings and Life Styles

Wednesday, April 24--- 8 p.m. - 10 Evans
THE ARCHITECTS OF WURSTER HALL & STUDENT CHAPTER AIA The Good, the Bad, the Wurster: The Story of a Campus Rebel

Wendesiday, May 1--- 8pm. - 10 Evans
STANLEY I. HALLET, Assoc. Prof. of Architecture, Univ. of.Utah
Traditional Housing of Afghanistan: From Mud Fortresses to Kite Flying

Monday, May 6--- 8 p.m. - 160 Kroeber
PETER 0. EISENMAN, Director, Inst. for Architecture & Urban Studies, MY Post-Functionatism

Wednesday. May 8--- 6 p.m. - Wheeler Aud.
CHARLES EAMES. Designer and Filmmaker Recent Work in Film

Wednesday, May 15--- 8 p.m. - 10 Evans
NORMA EVENSON, Prof. of Architecture I History, UC,Berkeley,
Making a Place in the Paris Suburbs

Wednesday, May 22--- 8P.M. - 10 Evans
WILLIAM L. C. WHEATON, Dean, College of Environmental Design, Indigenous Architecture: handmade Houses on Wheels

Wednesday, May 20--- 8 p.m. - 160 Kroeber
MARVIN S. GERST, M.D., Assoc. Prof. of Psychiatry, UC-San Diego, The Social Ecology of College Dormirtories

New Women's Paper to Fill Gap in Bay Area Journalism

by Nancy Nielsen a reprint source not named    |    Share #811

A new local newspaper rolled off the press this month to fill a gap in Bay Area journalism. It is a paper written by women for women.
The first issues of Plexus appeared at 60 locations around the East Bay on March 15. The 16 page issue included articles on abortion. the Women's History interview with KQED-TV journalist Carolyn Craven, a book and movie review and a calendar of local women's events, among many other articles.
Plexus. which means a living network - an interwoven arrangement of parts, is to be published twice monthly and cost 25 cents an issue.

Women's Central Information is one of the main ideas to list events for women.
Dasmann, Taber, and Purdy were names mentioned in this article too small to copy here. Perhaps look for the history of Plexus somewhere if you are interested. Archivist Wendy Bertrand summary.

"I wanted to do more than push pancakes"

by Karen House source not given SF Chronicle?    |    Share #812

Craft Trades

Current Mailing List

by Send us your dues!! You will not receive this newsletter unless you do!    |    Share #813

See original newsletter for addresses and phone numbers, not considered necessary in this edition. ( WSB archivist) butthe 32 names on mailing I thought was worth recording:
Nancy Bennett, Wendy Bertrand, Janis Birkeland, Lucia Bogatay, Yung Ling Chen, Christie Coffin, Janet Crane, Sally Nettleton Daniels, Anne Diaz, Marian Haviland, Susan Henke, Mui Ho, Bonnie-Sue Hood, Lian Hurst, Ann King, Isabel King, Ruth Kleinman, Eileen Kopelson, Corrinne Kutsenkow, Tobey Levy, Linda Murphy, Dolores Malloy, Rosie Muller, Pat Noda, Linda Olson, Myra Rosenfeld, Ilana Rosenfeld, Ruth Schnapp, Cathy Simon, Corinne Moor Spingarn, Marda Stothers, Susan Swabacker, Maria Vella, Gwen Wright, and Bonnie Wudtke.

Money Talks

by Steering Committee    |    Share #814

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